Can't make this up...

Government uses ‘Cheating boyfriend’ meme to advertise baby loan

You can’t make this up. The Fidesz marketing machine chose a one-dollar stock photo from the ‘cheating boyfriend’ meme series to front Fidesz’ baby loan and sell it to “young married couples” – presumably because cheating husbands and pregnancy naturally belong together in the minds of authoritarian politicians.


“Young married couples get expecting-baby support” reads the government’s new billboard about Orbán’s breeding program family protection action plan announced at his annual state of the nation speech. The “support” is a 30 thousand euro loan that must be paid back with interest if the couples can’t produce three children within the allotted time. Photo:

Yes, that is the same couple as the world famous “distracted boyfriend” meme.

orbán baby support


To be fair, this might be a very conscious choice to get the targeted young people to share the hell out of this campaign. But it can also be a cheap solution to a ridiculously overpriced marketing campaign for which the government paid an obscene amount to Fidesz’ favored marketing company. As usual. Or it can be a rush job because they needed something to cover up Fidesz’s anti-Juncker, anti-Soros, anti-EU hate campaign billboards on the route of EPP leader Manfred Weber from the airport to his meeting with Orbán. They really did cover the billboards on that route…

The fact that the world famous ‘cheating boyfriend’ is used as the government’s poster boy for first time, expecting daddy is still rather distasteful – however it fits into the proudly and openly sexist attitude of Fidesz politicians who would naturally seek sexual gratification elsewhere while their legal partner is out-of-order with baby-expecting. I’m 100% sure they would agree that it’s OK and give a hair-raising excuse why – if anyone bothered to ask them. Sometimes they share their sexist, medieval views without even being asked.

The “baby-expecting support” these billboards are praising is a 30 thousand euro loan that you have to pay back with interests if you don’t produce 3 children within the allotted time. You also have to keep paying a fee to the government in exchange for guaranteeing the loans. It has a million conditions, and they keep changing every day – just like it did for the baby-mortgage ever since its announcement. To turn it into a subsidy and avoid paying the possibly quite high interests in one sum, you have to drop three new Hungarians on time. And sit it out with the same partner, and don’t ever think whether you wanted this or not.

I couldn’t help but picture the next million euro billboard campaign featuring ‘Hide the pain Harold‘ as the face of parents who took out the baby loan and the baby mortgage – 30 years later. Harold would smile bitterly, after having lived out his entire life trapped with more children he would have had otherwise, in a marriage he may or may not want, in a country he may or may not have chosen to live in if it weren’t for the repayment-threat, and struggling with a bureaucracy that keeps changing the conditions of his loans all the time. And realizing he has no more life left to live.

hide the pain hungary

He could even have a pension elsewhere…

Meanwhile, he could have easily earned that 30 thousand, no strings attached, in a real country with real wages, only had the children they actually wanted, maybe even had a divorce when their marriage couldn’t bear the burden of living out their lives as breeding livestock for a corrupt regime – and not as individuals who have the right to shape their own lives. 

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