The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

“Low Blow to EPP: Fidesz Voluntarily Voted for its Own Suspension”

The European People’s Party needed to feign some backbone before the EP-elections in May so they managed to suspend Fidesz a little.

Headlines from Fidesz media didn’t disappoint.


Headlines the next morning. Image:

So this is what happened:

And this is how Fidesz-media presented it:

Magyar Hírlap

  • “Orbán: We can be neither expelled nor suspended”
  • “Compromise had been reached, we chose the Austrian solution of 2000”
  • “They decided this way because they learned that Orbán will leave his party from EPP if they don’t consider his proposal”

The latter article continues with breathless admiration of the Leader’s toughness and how he cowed the EPP into submission: “They changed one point of the vote last minute … because they have learned that Viktor Orbán already had the signed document to leave EPP with him. So instead of suspending Fidesz’ membership, the EPP finally voted about Fidesz asking for its own suspension.”

  • “Fidesz voluntarily decided to suspend relationship with EPP”

“Katalin Novák: According to our experience, there are people in EPP who had completely parted from Christian democratic values.”

And finally, an opinion piece from the same paper appeared entitled: “Fidesz success in Brussels”

Magyar Nemzet

  • “Viktor Orbán: We made a good decision, protected the unity of EPP”
  • “Katalin Novák. Fidesz voluntarily decided to suspend its membership in EPP”
  • “Viktor Orbán: I had the letter about Fidesz’ leave from the EPP in my hand”

Also next to the EPP-news glared this headline – I include this because it was placed like it belonged to the EPP news:

  • “A miracle happened: Merkel saw the light – It came too late.”

It was a 75-word thing claiming that Merkel practically admitted the failure of “Wilkommenskultur” at the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin. Then it ends like this: “Unfortunately, her illumination took the lives of many innocent victims, from the Berlin Christmas fair, through the countless knife attacks, to the violent Cologne New Year’s Eve. Perhaps it’s not too late to stand behind the Hungarian standpoint.”

  • “Fidesz’ hinterland demanding to leave EPP already – There is no point staying in this EPP”
  • “It is about the dignity of Fidesz and the country, says Gulyás”
  • “Manfred Weber could be the loser of today’s vote”
  • “This is not the party of the people, this is not the Europe of nations – The enemies of Christian democracy are destroying EPP”
  • “There is life outside the EPP”
  • “Time to breakup”
  • “Fidesz has to consider leaving EPP in the long run”


Pesti Srácok

  • “Today, the EPP will end, split, or becomes ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter”

Some sites even appeared with the headline: “Fidesz is not suspended” At some point the state TV ran two parallel news headlines, one stating that neither expelled, nor suspended, another that Fidesz suspended itself. The talking head is the constitutional lawyer who had recently been caught on camera rephrasing his professional opinion at the reporter’s request to include the catchphrase that “they said we should use”.



But the winner of the day was Vadhajtások that gleefully announced that the podgy, self-identified “street fighter“, Orbán, delivered a “low blow” to Brussels.

The curious thing is not why they denied Orbán’s humiliation. The real question is why they bothered to even mention the existence of EPP. With such a militant, top-down propaganda machine in their hands, they could just run another success story of how an ugly, old forest gave way to shiny, new sport centers built by the nation’s most generous oligarchs, who deliver it at only three times the originally estimated price because they don’t pinch pennies when it comes to the nation’s health.

Oh wait… that came right after the EPP-headlines:)))

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