Funny Fraud

How much public health can you buy for 3000 euros?

Regular readers of our Funny Fraud Pages would assume that the most inane proposals remain on paper – but they would be wrong. The funniest kind of fraud is when the talented tender winners actually go out and “organize” the events they propose. And meticulously document it. 


In this case, a community health initiative – generously sponsored by the European taxpayer. Or a bunch of unscrupulous bureaucrats on behalf of the European taxpayers, to be precise. And the distinction matters because no one would give their own, hard-earned money on this, only bureaucrats, who have no skin in the game. And as you will see, said bureaucrats have every evidence of the fraud right on their screens (just as we do), but do nothing about it because it technically ticks all the boxes so their job is done. (Seriously, people, when a 1.5 million euro thing is called EFOP-1-8-6-17-2017-00026, you should know something is up…)


Anyway, the Third Millennium Foundation won 1.5 million euros to organize 448 sport events “targeting the improvement of health” of inhabitants of the “least developed regions”. That’s about 3000 euros a pop “to make the everydays of families and their time spent together more colorful and eventful”, which “will have a long-term impact on their future lives”.

Now let’s see the events – as the proud organizers documented them and uploaded the videos on Facebook. (They have since disappeared. Screenshots have been saved by


3 (three) of the 500 inhabitants of Fáj participate at the 3000 euro sport day organized by Third Millennium Foundation. Bonus: an outdoor potty Gallery on Facebook


Developing competencies on Felsőgagy – 3000 euros (Photo:


Cycling with cigarette – the eventful and colorful sport with long-term impact in Gagyvendég (Screenshot:


Carpet on the field. Felsőgagy, 3000 euros. Photo:

The sport day on Szalaszend was slightly delayed – it had to take take place during the night. The Facebook video of the event had been saved by Ákos Hadházy, independent MP and fierce anti-corruption activist:


Night football in Szalaszend. 3000 euros. (Screenshot:


8 people on Tiszaszalka doing sports. If they look like grape harvesters interrupted for a photoshoot – shame on you. A true EU-money warrior would never hijack a civilian event and submit it to collect EU money. No. Photo:


Tiszamogyorós actually had some sport done. My favorite sport is the waving of the sign that says “Supported by the European Union” (Image:


1 (one) participant on Homrogd – 3000 euros. And he didn’t even get the money. (Image:

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