And nothing happens...

The Orbánist MP who shut a gypsy in the incinerator and threw a match

An Orbánist MPs shut his gypsy employee in an incinerator and threw a match after him. On camera.

There will be no consequences – political or legal.

Orbán loyalists know they have absolute legal and political immunity. Legal immunity happens because prosecution is openly Orbánist.

Political immunity happens because the peasants need to learn that resistance is futile. Even public outrage. Especially public outrage. Every time the public gets upset – and then nothing happens – they feel even more painfully.helpless. If such painful disappointments happen to them repeatedly, the peasants eventually learn that their little outrage is toothless.

An MP who shuts a gypsy in the incinerator is untouchable. Even more untouchable than an MP who doesn’t.

Because this was also the MP who posted this photo with his family and a charred pig with the words “He was Soros” on it. Back then the Fidesz elite lined up in his support because it means something else. Whatever that may be…

This guy really has a thing for cremation and minorities.

o volt a soros

An adorable family moment. A Fidesz MP posted this photo of himself and his family above a charred pig with the words “HE WAS SOROS” on it. Photo: Facebook

He also posted this video where he tries to get a girl drunk and refuses to believe that she is under age because of her breasts – he compares them to watermelons.

If a politician still has to resign in this country for this – I envy you.

The man in the incinerator appears to be upset on the 2008 video, but the perpetrator swears it was a joke. The victim is no longer alive to testify so we can’t ask him why he supposedly “asked for” the video to be taken.

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