The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

“Do Hungarian Mothers Have to Fear Brussels?”

Magyar Nemzet, the former-daily-turned-Fidesz-mouthpiece had come up with the subtle front page headline: “The European Commission has attacked the Hungarian baby support – The help to families bothers Brussels, but the migrant card, that’s suitable to finance terrorists, does not”

And the rest of the juggernaut quickly followed with measured and objective headlines such as “Do Hungarian Mothers Have to Fear Brussels?”07b9c74d-d097-410f-9ac2-7359aa5d6ec6

In the opening piece to the coordinated anti-Brussels EP-election campaign Fidesz made Magyar Nemzet “leak” the information that “Brussels”* is attacking Orbán’s fine and generous loan-for-babies program to breed petulant Hungarian females.

I deem this approach dehumanizing and short-sighted (not to mention cruel to the unlucky loan-fulfillment babies), but for impoverished Hungarians the program represents the only hope ever to buy their own property. (Last years’ property boom is caused partly by the announcement of this loan.) The initial interest in it was enormous, applicants promising to deliver over 45 thousand babies in exchange for the loans by last October. Orbán’s magnanimous speech in February 2019 boosted it even further.

And now blood-fanged “Brussels“* wants to take it away. What take it away? It is attacking Hungarian mothers! Who have reason to fear!

And they actually illustrated the front page with two images put in contrast: one wholesome (presumably Hungarian) Mother with her Holy Babies vs. two dark-skinned (presumably migrant) men waiting for cash at an ATM. Subtle.

mÁté Péter hvg

Classy and subtle front page in the Fidesz media “The European Commission has attacked the Hungarian baby support – The help to families bothers Brussels, but the migrant card, that’s suitable to finance terrorists, does not” Photo: HVG – Máté Péter

The original piece didn’t even bother to go into details as to how exactly “Brussels”* wants to attack saintly Hungarian Mothers. Maybe it wants to legislate their wombs? Oh wait, that’s Orbán.

Anyway, after did what journalists normally do before publishing a story and asked “Brussels”*, it turned out they have never heard of it. So other OfFidesz propaganda mouthpieces started marching the beat and threatened to publish the protocol, in which “Brussels”* is attacking.

Today the government finally published their alleged evidence (link in this article, I won’t). It was the transcript of a discussion in which “Brussels”* pointed out that offering 100% state guarantees on baby loans make these loans essentially free for the banks that are allowed to peddle them – and that maybe the penalty interest to be paid be unproductive couples, who fail to drop the required number of offspring by the deadline, should not be multiple times the central bank headline rate.

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* It is always “Brussels” that is evil, not the “EU”, because Hungarians stubbornly support the country’s membership – perhaps because remittances keep families afloat and Orbán’s cronies well-fed, and this way they hurt locals less. But alas, public opinion has no significance. There is nothing we could do if Orbán wanted to exit Hungary out of the EU to make it his own, personal dung heap. 

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