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“I voted for Fidesz… Why? Wasn’t that the one I was supposed to?”

In the poorest villages of Hungary, Fidesz made 97% on average. This video was made on Csenyéte, the poorest village, where Orbán made 100%. It might give you an idea why. (With English subtitles)

  • When asked how she voted a lady tells Fidesz. When asked why, she asks back worryingly: “Wasn’t I supposed to?
  • Another lady also says she voted for Fidesz. When asked why she says “The ones with the wallet… you know” “They paid you for it?” “Yes.”

60 euro

  • The old lady remembers the 60 euro one-off payment for pensioners before the 2018 elections that came personally from Orbán (Watch that hand gesture at 02:04 :)))
  • There is a general difficulty trying to name any other parties or politicians.
  • Fear of illiterate, tuberculosis-carrying, child- and women-chasing migrants is also tangible, especially after…
  • …the phone call the day before elections informing them (according to one interviewee) that the migrants are already in the neighboring village, Gagy.

The only hope for humanity is this lady, who admits to watching TV and radio and seeing a lot of anti-migrant propaganda, but she says that migrants are just people like us. There are good ones and bad ones. What would happen in Hungary would be in the same situation, she asks.


I hope she will be allright after this video.

Apart from fearmongering with non-existent immigrants, the exposure to the workfare program has done it for these villages.

Csenyéte has 530 residents, 22.3% turned up to vote and 100% percent voted for Fidesz. One guy in the video claims that he feels miserable since Fidesz is in power so he voted for another party. But his vote was apparently invalid.

csenyete results

57 valid and 1 invalid ballot in Csenyéte, Hungary’s poorest village. 100% Fidesz win (Source:

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  1. Thank you! I am really learning a lot from your site. Your analyses are really good and very interesting. Off to read some more!


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