Real existing Orbánism

Government wants to save your salary for you – whether you want it or not

Orbán’s cadres are seeped in central planning mentality and find the command economy easy to adapt to. Remember the one who opined that fired civil servants should be reallocated to nursing in hospitals? Now meet the one who wants to take away part of your salary – to teach you how to save.

A sudden, large expense would pose an insurmountable obstacle for many. 50% in Hungary, to be precise. The only way they could push that number down was by lowering the bar and specifying the survey question. Now they ask whether the subject could withstand a sudden expense of 200 euros, and if he says yes, he is considered safe and well-rounded.

200 euros would cover the extraction of two teeth, for instance. And according to the new statistics, only 32% of Hungarians (roughly 2 million people) couldn’t pay for a dentist in the extremely unlikely case of needing one. Happy times!

But fear no more because the rescue is here!

Low wages? Save more!

And if you can’t, we will do it for you.

The president of the State Audit Office came up with the wonderful idea. He will collect some of your salary (after taxes, of course) and save it for you. He wants you to have three months’ worth of your wages saved on the accounts the state will hold for you.

In the future, the government wants to disallow salary raises, unless the employer sends a portion of the wage increase to the state-held savings account of the peasant. 

He said there is ” a consensus among economists” that a worker needs at least three months’ worth of savings. I have never heard of it, and I find it even more surprising that those consensual economists haven’t suggested something for those, who are most in trouble – namely, those whose salary is the lowest to begin with. The actual target group of this paternalist disaster.

I’m asking because even the average wage doesn’t rent you an average apartment (let alone paying the bills or buying food). By 2016, average rent in Budapest rose above the average salary in the same region – and things have only got worse since. Much worse. Buying is even more out of reach. But sure, take away some more in my best interest, Daddy. I will just move to the street.

Oh wait, that’s illegal.

The centrally planned command economy of communism is alive and well under Orbán, its mentality is thriving. From breeding the population to telling them how much they can earn, Orbán feels it is his job to decide everything. But he is not very smart. He keeps wages low to attract low added value factory work to Hungary, but he also gives taxpayer money to those companies, not to mention tax cuts and preferential treatment.

Paternalism meets central planning meets the command economy – Orbán has brought back the worst of both feudalism and communism, from the feudal landlords to the Party state. And yet, superficial foreign opinionators keep praising him as some conservative or even pro-business politician. Excuse me if I get annoyed.

But this guy with his condescending paternalism and harebrained economic ideas is not a bug. He is a feature of Orbán’s system.

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