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Orbán’s speech playing on loop at music festivals

According to a new proposal, if you attend a music festival in Hungary, you will have to submit your name, photo, nationality, DOB and a scan of your ID to the authorities. But that’s nothing. You will also have to listen to Orbán’s self-promotional propaganda video on a loop and between acts.


Heatstroke and Orbán. If you get used to this, this will become the new/old normal… Photo:

30 years after the one-party oppression ended in Hungary, our dear leader is once again blasting his own propaganda at public events. Like international music festivals. In fact he had chosen the 30th anniversary of the end of communism as an excuse to reintroduce one of the least savory communist propaganda tools to the unassuming youth of today.

THIS VIDEO has been recorded at VOLT music festival on June 26.

The Year of Miracles has begun – we have finally become free!” – blast the loudspeakers while Wind of Change is playing and 1989 Orbán is saying proudly heroic things. Things that 2019 Orbán would never say, but who would feel comfortable listening to 2019 Orbán, right?

It shows Orbán’s famous 1989 speech playing on loop so that festival-goers can’t avoid it. It is probably meant to hypnotize your drunk brain in the heat – which will see this as normal by the end of the week.

The video shows a segment of Orbán’s “Russians go home!” speech from 1989. It makes him look like the solitary hero who brought about independence, because that is now the official party line that must be parroted and implied through every channel.

The reason he needs this message reinforced is threefold:

  1. Because it is not true.
  2. Because he has totally become a lapdog to Putin and thus invited the Russians way back in.
  3. Youth cannot be trusted to know about this old speech.

Especially since Orbán has called the Russians way back in, letting them build a new nuclear power station, win huge public tenders, like metro cars, and finally he allowed them to establish their private little Vatican in the heart of Budapest (and thus the EU), under the disguise of an extra-jurisdictional “investment bank” in which no one has a say about anything, apart from Russia. Not even sure if Hungarian authorities would be allowed to enter if there was a murder in broad daylight. Probably not. Moscow is the new Moscow and it now exports corruptionism. (There, an -ism for you if you got caught in the trap of being anti-communist and feel obliged to suck up to Orbán.)

So yes, Orbán needs to remind the pesky youth of Hungary (and all of Europe) that he is totally anti-communist. That means, he is against the word “communism”, not the practice. He practices everything the communists used, from economic oppression and central planning to occupying the media – just by other tools that have no name yet. Oppression is oppression, after all, even if certain ideologically challenged people only ever see an autocrat if he stands on the other side of the religious ideological divide.

A Hungarian artist, noÁr, has since cancelled his appearance at the festival with the statement:

“We are saddened by the fact that propaganda managed to find its way even to a music festival, and government-commissioned videos are appearing on the screens in between the shows. We think we have nothing to do at a festival like that. Or in fact, propaganda has nothing to do there. (…) When the Black Eyed Peas or Cypress Hill perform there, do they know that their opening act is a government propaganda spot?”

As reminds us, government propaganda is not surprising at music festivals. They have been “voluntarily” handed over to Orbán’s circles, even the biggest one, Sziget, that had been the crown jewel of its founder’s empire. But he knew better than to resist. The government also allocated a billion forints from the taxpayer to Volt Festival, where state sponsorship by state companies (and Fidesz-affiliated ones) is rampant. There is an Erzsébet-voucher Folk Stage, a Student Loan Cafe, a Hungarian Electric Company Oasis, etc. The Prime Minister’s multi-talented daughter used to be a trainee at Volt and had been in frequent contact with the main organizers ever since through the Budapest music club Akvárium, which was given to Volt’s organizers after its previous occupant was forced out. Akvárium occasionally hosted the religious congregation of Orbán’s son.

The current Hungarian government is doing its best to rewrite history (they call it memory politics). Its modus operandi is well illustrated by the little Orbán-the-hero festival video (that also runs on televisions subordinated to Orbán).

The person in charge of the 30th anniversary of 1989 is Mária “Terror” Schmidt, the director of the House of Terror and one of the main ideologists of Fidesz who was responsible for the 2016 year of 1956 remembrance as well, historical inaccuracies of which were at the time pointed out by the 1956 Institute. The 1956 Institute has been dismantled and brought under political control by decree last month. They have learned it from the media.

Schmidt also created an outdoors exhibition by the House of Terror museum on Andrássy street (where all tourists can enjoy it) commemorating 1989 without as much as mentioning members of the democratic opposition other than Orbán.

The only thing that may surprise you, dear first world reader, is that Orbán and his eager loyalists don’t find it in themselves anymore to refrain from such chilling propaganda tools, reminiscent of their youth under communism or present day North Korea.

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Featured image: szeretlekmagyarorszá 

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