Guest Post

“Fidesz was rewarded the day after it abolished academic freedom”

Thoughts about the election of a Fidesz MEP as vice president of the European Parliament – the day Fidesz formally abolished academic freedom.

I would like to congratulate every MEP, who voted for Lívia Járóka’s vice-presidency. Fidesz was rewarded the day after it abolished academic freedom. Járóka is the right person for the job!

“It is educative to see the fate of the first two Roma members of the European Parliament. Lívia Járóka, Fidesz (EPP) and Viktória Mohácsi, SZDSZ (ALDE) were both elected as MEPs in 2004. Both had civil rights activist backgrounds, although Mohácsi was the more confrontative, hence the more controversial of the two.

“Mohácsi was not reelected in 2009, when her party suffered a devastating defeat and disintegrated. Járóka was an MEP until 2014 and after a 3 years hiatus has been an MEP again since 2017. She has become one of the most prominent Fidesz MEPs, and she does her job very well, that is, she defends Orbán and his authoritarian system at all costs. She uses her positions and influence to cover for her party’s every assault on democracy, rule of law, and human and civic rights.

“I had the pleasure to read the lengthy document she and her other prominent Fidesz colleagues disseminated among MEPs both before the committee and the plenary session vote on the Sargentini-report in an attempt to hinder its adoption. It was a collection of blatant lies.

“Although she uses her past credits as a civil rights activist to further her career, she did not blink an eye as leading politicians of her party, including Orbán himself employed openly racist, anti-Roma rhetoric during last year’s parliamentary election campaign.

“Neither had she anything to add about the segregation of Roma children, which became sort of a semi-official policy of the Orbán-government. Not to mention the fact that she had nothing against Orbán’s perpetual anti-refugee and anti-Semitic campaign either. Or that she has never even criticized how EU funds aimed at alleviating poverty of Roma in Hungary were simply stolen by members of her party. Now, as a reward of this exceptional career, she was elected as a vice-president of the European Parliament.

“Meanwhile, Viktória Mohácsi, who fought school segregation effectively for years, and who fiercely criticized the authorities of their reluctance at first to investigate and then to effectively investigate deadly shootings against Roma families in 2009 (which turned out to be a serial murder by a group of neo-Nazis) was granted political asylum in Canada last year.”

Facebook, Rafael Labanino 

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