The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

“They are not opposition, they are the enemy – of the government, of the nation, of us.”

Any tool is permissible for self-defense” against the opposition – writes Orbán’s media.

In a piece of satire about the deepest cesspits of Orbán’s media, a fictional worker all but calls the liberals enemies of the people. I thought about writing it down, I know it happens a lot, but I refused to engage in predictable criticism about being too harsh. I could easily google any number of places that it has been said or written – but they would all be dismissed in the need for an argument. If someone decided to defend Orbán’s system by calling me a liar, they are not open for evidence. So I toned down my satire and left that particular phrase out – only to read it in Orbán’s media the next morning.

As I have been typing my satire piece on the evening of July 11, someone else was also typing these words – in the very same media cesspit I was satirizing. The thing was titled “They really shouldn’t be called traitors of the nation because they are not” and goes on to explain that opposition parties are not Hungarians but enemies of the nation.

Three opposition parties are called

mercenaries and agents of western great powers, petty little executors installed in Hungary… As such they are not Hungarian organisations as they are not Hungarians. They are really foreigners.”

They are

“not opposition, they are enemies – of the government, of the nation, of all of us.”

“You can wait unprepared for their next assault on the Hungarian nation, and be surprised. But I suggest not. There will be nothing surprising in it. Let’s treat them as they treat us: as enemies. And let’s treat them accordingly. Any tool is acceptable in self-defense.”  

The piece calls opposition politicians colorful names like “whore with a stick blender” and it is written by the same guy who posted an upskirting photo of an underage anti-Orbán protester for giving a speech damning the regime.

And he was never told to stop from above, never saw consequences.

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Featured image:, Szarvas

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