Real existing Orbánism

The Law Is Breaking Orbán

There is a piece of legislation that obliges the Prime Minister to report about his negotiations at the European Council meetings to the Parliament. Orbán has been neglecting this law for years but nothing happened, as usual.

After all, this is the country where the government doesn’t keep meeting minutes, the prime minister refuses to engage in a debate with the opposition, the ruling party doesn’t bother with a program anymore, and sometimes forgets its own leadership election show because it is Orbán anyway.

The practice of talking to other European leaders and then not even bothering to slip some lame memo to Parliament has been going on for years – until a pesky opposition MP pushed for information. She didn’t get it, of course, but the Speaker of the Parliament, a deep Orbán loyalists, has allowed himself to pretend that he is actually a Speaker and this is still a parliament.

So he wrote a letter to his majesty Orbán and respectfully asked him to kindly adjust law and practice to each other again. That would allow him to maintain pretense with a little more authority (in his own eyes) and having to swallow a little less for being so much out in the open as an uncritical loyalist. This is not how he imagined his old years to play out, having been crushed by the very same practices under communism.

He may not even get this little wish.

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