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Homophobic hysteria at Coca-Cola’s #LoveIsLove campaign

30 years after the end of communism Coca-Cola is once again the symbol of Western rot. Orbán brought so much of socialism back…


Coca-Cola has launched its #LoveIsLove campaign that left Orbánist columnists spitting acid and flinging threats Photo:

“Budapest is under siege by the homosexual lobby, they don’t even give you a chance to avoid it,wrote the “youthful” arm of Orbán’s media on Friday, when they spotted the ads on the underground. The ads that “advertise how natural homosexual copulation is.”

Someone has a lot of homosexual copulation on their mind…

Then they quickly proceeded to write about pedophilia and the true definition of defiling young boys and girls, quoting a classical musician, who allegedly said something about ancient Greece, illustrated with the musician’s photo with the following text: “He sold his Toronto flat three years ago and moved to Berlin. The age of consent in Canada is 16, in Germany only 14.” I had no idea he was also an enemy of the nation, but he is apparently a target. And make no mistake, anyone can get this treatment.

The rest of the piece is a compilation of random rants about

  • pedophilia, alternating with
  • the psychological vulnerability of young boys,
  • the “invisible hand” of capitalism promoting homosexuality through companies attending Pride,
  • the bashing of Nike and Gillette and the Hungarian startup, Prezi, that dared to attend Pride.

There are anecdotes about bored and lonely gay men shaping teenagers for their homosexual “meat market” – as said by those who know it – and that sexual relations with minors within the family have been legalized in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. I’m not sure what they mean by that but Scandinavia is always featured as dreadful example of the rot setting in and eating out the soul of christianism.

The 1970’s called, they want their anti-Western propaganda back. Including the bashing of Coca-Cola as Western decay. Is there seriously nothing Orbán didn’t bring back from communism?

After the article that started the fury, an online petition appeared calling for the removal of the posters “so that parents don’t have to worry when they are using public transport with their children” and attacking the public transport company for the ads (because they were there).

The petition reached 19 thousand signatures in 24 hours. A Fidesz MP called for the boycott of Coke and asked the parliament to support sanctions against Coca-Cola, but he bounced back. It was not the first time even Fidesz found him too much: his call for banning the Pride also bounced back. It is not politically opportune at the moment.

Nevertheless, our vigilante MP stays alert and persists, promised not to drink Coke (until the ads are up – I hope he won’t suffer from withdrawal or something), and probably keeps an eye out for homosexual copulation with young boys. Wonder what Monday brings when the rest of the Fidesz media will no doubt pile on and double down.

And make no mistake, may-many people believe this. 27% of Hungarians disagree with the statement that homosexual men and women should have the right to live their lives as they wish (European Social Survey, 2004-17). Many of these probably also confuses homosexuality and pedophilia – a clear intention of the Russian propaganda machine.

Linking pedophilia with homosexuality is the meme that spread the alt-right online empire like wildfire – so did the alleged call by an alleged pedophile that he is also LGBT and participates in Pride. There were even leaflets handed out before Budapest Pride, neatly translated to Hungarian, claiming that pedophiles embrace the Pride and they are people, too, and they want respect. The issuer of the leaflets is unknown, and so is the alleged source of the pedophile-calls-himself-LGBT articles that spread the troll network globally.

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