Ageing of working population only worse in Japan

According to recent OECD data, the age of retirees versus new entries to the labor market is only worse in Japan.

Screenshot_2019-08-27 Munkaerőpiaci különbségek

Stories that in some specializations doctors’ average age is over 80, the retired teachers are forced to stay in schools because the annual deficit of new teachers entering the profession is in the thousands – and has been for a decade – are ubiquitous. Orbán’s money-for-babies program won’t fix it – it will only break lives and families.

Immigration is desperately needed, but Orbán built his power on hatred for everything foreign, so he won’t let that happen, even if the whole country burns. Or dies out first slowly, and then at an ever higher rate because the doctors, nurses, police, firemen, even the manual laborers are retiring or leave the country, and no one is allowed to take their jobs.

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