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If you want to spy, at least don’t do it like this

The non-Fidesz opposition is infiltrated by Fideszniks, everyone knows that. Feeling that there is no alternative to the autocrat, no matter how much you hate him and his policies, is a powerful force of helplessness – and the rest just follows. Hopelessness, breaking in, sinking into despair.

It is one thing that the opposition cannot win according to election law, vote counting, and endless gerrymandering. But what if they don’t even want to

Some of the non-Fidesz parties are openly just there to serve as the court opposition, Putin-style. Others managed to conceal it for a while and keep the benefits of the thought open. And there are also sleeping agents of Fidesz that only activate themselves when they need to wreak havoc inside the party they are planted in.

The week’s most pathetic story is about such a sleeping agent. She has been a member of not one but two opposition parties in her district recently. And now she made it into the news because she shared the confidential plans of an all-opposition cooperation in her district with Fidesz. By giving access to the Google document to her Fidesz handler, the local deputy mayor and campaign chief of Fidesz.

So the entire opposition side got a notification about the cunning move.

Opposition forces of that district have been wondering who had been leaking their secrets to Fidesz for a while. When they planned to paint a school – it was suddenly done. When they wanted to launch a crowdfunding campaign to renovate a playground or generally achieve things the Fidesz mayors neglected for 9 years – it suddenly happened.

When confronted, she first claimed that her account was hacked (but made no report to the police), then left the opposition cooperation, sulking. To journalists, she made the cryptic remark that there are three IT specialist in the opposition, whatever that means. She might be one of those people who think that everything that goes on with a computer is somehow related to IT. Like the breaking of the handle of a laptop bag.


Anna Kun, opposition politician and rookie spy (444.hu)

How would you feel as an opposition voter if you suspected that the opposition is corrupted and are part of the system? Stoked to go to vote?

Anyway, I can see her next career as data protection and privacy government commissar under Orbán. Women are only ever employed by Orbán to give their pretty token faces to the destruction of something (pension system, education, court independence, the justice system) so her digital illiteracy will be an asset. For a while.

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Featured image: screenshot of the notification about the leaking by 444.hu 

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