Election 2019

“Would you still vote for [Opposition Candidate] if he committed domestic violence?”

Amygdala is the irrational part of the brain, responsible for emotions, fear, and generally credited for everything stupid you do. It is thus an appropriate name for a fake opinion pollster that keeps calling Hungarian citizens before elections with loaded, fearmongering questions that contain unfounded accusations against non-Fidesz candidates.

Before every election, the “surveys” by fake pollsters start. Remember the lady in the country’s poorest village who was called the day before elections that migrants are already in the neighboring village? That pollster.

As the October local elections are approaching, Amygdala is back with questions like:

“Who would you vote for the local elections? The candidate who supports Orbán’s immigration policy and protects the fence, or the candidate who supports George Soros’ policy on migration, i.e. letting in more immigrants into the EU and demolish the fence?”

Which candidate would you vote for? The Fidesz candidate “who would achieve from the government what is needed for the development of the town“, or the opposition candidate “who would help Ferenc Gyurcsány and the failed left wing forces back into power“? (Gyurcsány was the prime minister until 2009 and serves as bogeyman for Fidesz voters ever since)

“Would you agree that migrants be settled in district 22?” (where the voter happens to live)

Of course, these are not questions. These are things the ruling party wants you to hear, fear, get outraged about. So when they start accusing opposition candidates with random things, that is meant to stick to their name and smear their reputation.

“Would you still vote for [Name of Opposition Candidate] if he committed domestic violence?” 

Another candidate at the Budapest opposition primaries was similarly accused of domestic violence, even though she is a famous political pundit. In her case, she was not just accused of “harassing her husband”, but they also added that “and he sued her for harassment”. He did not but this is so juicy, it sticks.

Amygdala seems to know shockingly much about the people they call. It is not obvious where someone is a registered voter, for instance, yet the fake pollster always knows which names to plug in, which opposition candidate to smear, and which local issues to mention to outrage non-Fidesz voters.

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