He really said that

“I don’t even mind if he gets something… Like a public tender or a contract”

“We would like to mend fences and cover the trenches, we would like to bring over those who are willing to fall in line. There are positions for them. Everyone has a place in the System. But we must not be attacked publicly, because you become the enemy of the System.” 

A local Fidesz strongman succinctly explains Orbán’s system to some local mayors in a newly leaked audio recording – Part 2.

New details have emerged about the little speech a local strongman gave to local mayors. (In short, if you are not with us, you are the enemy and you won’t eat.)

„We’ve been talking to him for 3 years. I even talked to him in person. But he said that he wants to keep his seat on the local council because he doesn’t feel safe and there are no guarantees that we wouldn’t hurt his family if he resigned.”

“I told him, Gyuri, I give it to you in writing, in front of 8 or 10 witnesses that I will leave him alone and all, if he signs his resignation and that he won’t run for office again. … If he did that last year, I would have signed this, and we wouldn’t be here today. You see that it is not our goal to finish him off, right? We simply want him to leave us alone, let us work…” 

For the record, I would love to see a signed and witnessed contract that states that “the System of National Cooperation, of which I am a member so I speak for it all, hereby promises not to hurt you or go after your family if you just resign and let us steal in peace”.

Because these are the guys who have recently made it in the news for spending 1.1 billion forints in non-refundable EU-funds to buy themselves flats in town, for private use. EU-funds, over which Orbán has full control, are the honey pot they all want to surround and get a few sweet drops. That is the “work” they want to do in peace.

“If it’s about money, I don’t even mind cutting him in. He can get something, like through a tender or contract or something. You see, it is not our goal to make his life impossible. We can even finish this story in a way that he gets not a forint less, but he must decide whether he wants to do politics or be a public servant.” 

“We have tried to turn him over to the other side … I can even promise that we won’t be harassing him for this over here, I will ask Fidesz sympathizers to let him run out quietly, not to write about him. So that he resigns and disappears a year before elections, that can also be done.” 

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