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Coca-Cola fined for showing homosexual couples on ads and “damaging the moral development of young people”

The consumer protection government office has fined Coca-Cola Hungary for “damaging the moral development” of underage people by showing homosexual couples and rainbow colors in its #loveislove campaign in August.


The offending ads

“Budapest is under siege by the homosexual lobby, they don’t even give you a chance to avoid it,” wrote the youthful arm of Orbán’s media when they spotted the ads. They claimed that the ads “advertise how natural homosexual copulation is.” A number of Fidesz politicians jumped on the outrage and one declared a boycott on Coca-Cola products in revenge. And of course a few vigilant Fidesz citizens ran to the authorities to report the ads for every possible things they could come up with.

Ultimately it was the consumer protection office that fined Coca-Cola and banned them from using ads that “harm the development of children” again.

The government office then proceeded to thank the vigilance of citizens who reported the ads and had it removed in days. We are back to pre-1989 Hungary where Coca-Cola was supposedly spreading “Western rot” and closed-minded citizens ran to report every divergence from the Party line to the authorities (for fear of being punished if they don’t). Some people finally find Hungary familiar again – it is just like it was in their youth under communism/socialism (call it whatever you please, just don’t delude yourself that it is any different).

The same sentiment also had Billy Elliot cancelled in the Opera.

Welcome to illiberal cancel culture, nationalist political correctness and “conservative” censorship. It is the same evil they are claiming to be the victims of.

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