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The most popular theory inside Fidesz of why they lost Budapest: Foreigners

The numbers don’t back it up and it would be illegal to know who exactly voted. But the favorite theory inside Fidesz about the possible reason why they lost Budapest at the local election is foreigners.

Not the foreigners they used to top up their own votes at the general elections a year ago. The million+ voters they created in Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Slovakia, who were then allowed to vote via poorly checked mail – those were one of Fidesz’ election weapons. But they couldn’t be used this time when a registered address in Hungary was required. (There were puzzling scenes in border villages where voters who didn’t even speak the language were brought to cast their votes by vans, but this time it couldn’t affect the national level.)

This is probably why foreigners-as-election-weapon even exist in Fidesz minds. And after they lost Budapest and many major cities, they came up with this as their best excuse. That those nasty, liberal foreigners who swarm Budapest voted against poor, battered Fidesz.

The theory doesn’t stand any reality check. The number of registered foreigners is public record – and not enough to sway the election. Not that we had any means of knowing who exactly turned up to vote among them. (Except for the disgraced and convicted former prime minister of Bulgaria, who was granted political asylum by Orbán and lives his best life in Budapest these days – he did vote.)

But this is the theory many in Fidesz adopted because it puts the blame on anyone other than themselves. That they grew complacent, that they weren’t very much liked, that their organised corruption was just too much.

One of Fidesz’ most ardent and verbally violent pundit (decorated and in the national hall of fame, not just any moron) went even further and posted this photo of a doorbell on his blog. Read into it what you want, but this is what they talk about when they talk about liberals.


“Many good voters fit into a small place” Photo from the blog of Zsolt Bayer

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