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How Fidesz Are You?

The infamous Kubatov-lists are Fidesz’ list of voters’ party sympathy. Their existence is public knowledge, even Fidesz admits it, they just insists it is completely legal. Decide for yourself.

Egri Ügyek, an independent local paper has published photos of the lists (and photocopied recommendation slips) from the 2018 general election that were found in an old closet after Fidesz lost the mayoral seat in the local elections. They look like this (all photos from Egri Ügyek):


Name, address, activity level Photo from Egri Ügyek


Name, address and the marks: ‘+’ stands for ‘died’, ‘√’ means ‘signed for me’, ‘-‘ means ‘doesn’t want to sign’, ‘0’ means ‘doesn’t let me in’ Photo from Egri Ügyek

Rest assured that ‘-‘ and ‘0’ will probably get fired, or maybe his relative, but definitely no building permit for the new insulation when he comes applying to the authority for building permits. Does he have a kid in school?


These are photocopies of the so-called recommendation slips, a nasty requirement in the election law that requires citizens to sign their name, address, personal ID next to their party. Every party has to collect a certain number of signatures to run. Photo from Egri Ügyek

So much about the ‘secret’ in universal, equal and secret suffrage… Introducing open recommendations was not a great idea in a post-communist country, maybe nowhere else. For decades, it used to come in the shape of a slip sent to every voter, who then had to return it to their supported party, filled with his or her personal data. Even mail boxes were broken into the day the slips were posted, as the black market of the recommendation slips was huge because smaller parties were struggling to collect enough signatures before the big ones completely harvested the districts with their overwhelming number of activist.

Fidesz did away with the slips (great idea) but introduced these signature sheets (much, much worse), where the same amount of personal info can be collected by the activists themselves. What could possibly go wrong?

Then Fidesz also added a great incentive for fake parties to run for votes by collecting just enough signatures this way and collecting the campaign funding. Or by copying someone else’s list of signatures.

Finding photocopied signature lists is especially nasty, since it is obvious that the Fidesz candidate’s signatures have been copied – giving the chance to run to who knows how many fake parties. (Naturally, when duplicate signatures are spotted, the election offices annul the list of opposition parties, but not those of Fidesz.) Fake parties are a tool to shave off votes from the non-Fidesz parties by flooding the voting sheets with dozens of familiar party names and confusing people.


This list contains information on the voting intention of the voter. Who wants to vote, who is reluctant. It is important because Fidesz activists are using these lists on election day to target their own voters. Photo from Egri Ügyek


The activists’ scores based on how many signatures they collected. Photo from Egri Ügyek

The new, non-Fidesz mayor reported the documents, but don’t worry, no one will seriously investigate this case. Prosecution doesn’t feel obliged to investigate suspicious cases if they are OfFidesz, not even if the evidence licks them in the face.

At any rate, we have known about the existence of the so called Kubatov-lists, named after Orbán’s campaign master (the Russian sound of the name is a coincidence). Some Fidesz mayors even took photos with the list while using the office phones to call voters to cast their votes in Fidesz referendums and elections. We know that the list is stored online on sites registered in the US. (Fuck GDPR, it will only ever be used against those who don’t hold power). Activists have taken photos of the lists in Kaposvár and Érd, and that’s just the last election. Fidesz activists have been caught updating the list while pretending to collect signatures. Even Orbán participated. The list has been quoted when people were fired from their centralized, public sector jobs. Their attendance on Fidesz rallies – or the absence thereof – has always been duly noted. Signing your name anywhere comes with a risk of being listed according to your Fidesz loyalty. Even an opposition signature collection can be hijacked because knowing which unruly voter signed against Orbán is also important for them.

Generally speaking, you must be quite daft or willfully stupid not to know about them.

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