2020 - Not 1920

Villagers want stork nest removed because storks are migrants and migrants spread corona

This is one of those news items that describes everything that’s wrong with the country right now: irrational fear, hatred, all based on misinformation and the poor mental health that follows.

And all those things have been created with massive state propaganda just to keep a strongman on top of us.

The renowned bird rescuer, András Márton reportedabout an inquiry he received from a village in Somogy county. Residents asked him to help remove the only stork nest of the village because storks are known “migrants” and migrants spread the corona virus, it is known.

“Our bird rescue team received an unbelievable request from a small village in Somogy on Thursday. It was about the only stork nest of the village that is located next to a playground. They want it removed as soon as possible because the storks are returning soon and they may bring corona virus or other nasty infections.

“You could read the gut-level fear and uncontrollable dread between the lines. The same fear that made people empty the shelves of supermarkets in the last couple of days so that there would be something to eat now that the end of the world is upon us. I wrote a detailed explanation that will hopefully calm them down: the stork doesn’t bring corona nor any other threat. Children are not at risk from storks, swallows or any other migrating birds, there is no reason to fear them, their nests must not be destroyed because of the panic. Or for any other reason.” 

It doesn’t help that the use of the Hungarian word for migrant (‘migráns’) is limited to Orbán’s anti-migrant campaign. The usual words for immigrants and emigrants are ‘bevándorló’ and ‘kivándorló’, respectively, using the Hungarian word ‘vándorlás’ for migration. So the word ‘migráns’ that comes from a foreign source can be exclusively used for propaganda purposes. Indeed, the word was hissed and spat at enemies often during the hysterical government campaign designed to keep Orbán in power.

But there is one more use of the word ‘migrál’ (meaning migrate) and it is ornithology. The rest you can imagine.

This is the poor state of mind of Hungary in 2020. And it didn’t come out of nowhere, it took five years of fearmongering and hatemongering on taxpayer money to get to this point.

No wonder psychologists and social scientists are protesting against a new hate campaign promised by Orbán – this time against Hungary’s gypsy population. The agenda setting letters that will be sent to every Hungarian household have already been ordered and a bigger-than-ever budget is earmarked to boost it with all propaganda means. As “government information”.

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