Even more good things that can come out of this

Numbers 7-10 of the list of post-corona delights.

#7 More personal space and public hygiene

I thought home office was the most obvious benefit of covid-19, but I stand corrected. The increase of personal space is even more fundamental good.

In my experience the people you don’t want to touch are the same ones who can’t stay out of your personal space. Maybe the busybody micromanagers on government will start handing out 1 meter sticks one of these days to measure out the correct distance between fellow, potentially contagious life forms, and then we can have a stick fight every time an overly friendly colleague with a BO issue comes near. It would be fun!

And when it comes to hygiene – we now all live in the country of ten million virology experts who can’t stop yapping about virus particles travelling through through air, OMG. One of these days they will start performing surgeries on the street, they are so keen on avoiding every last bit of virus – for the first time in their lives. And while I applaud their newfound little hobby, you must be olfactory challenged not to be aware that particles have always traveled though air, or maybe you just never met a person with bad breath.

But hey, in the end some of these people might even remember to occasionally gently rinse off their hands after using the toilet – it would be a civilizatory leap!

#8 Influencers are having a hard time

If there was a single piece of unmitigated good news during corona times, it was this. Influencers needed to shut up – or the very least thread carefully because everyone was engrossed in a subject they deem super serious and one can’t crack a joke or ramble on about a pair of sneakers without a reference to corona these days. Travel influencers were stranded and there is only so many home-cooking and yoga videos their followers can watch without clawing their eyes out. And of course their sponsors dried up.

The influencer market has been extremely oversaturated for a while, even before they all started posting about their #StayHome positivity. I, for one, never felt my time so worthless as to watch a random tween’s thoughts on anything, not even under quarantine. But others like it so more power to them. Some of these people actually have some substance, like an aviator with a great personality or an animal shelter with a witty veterinarian who are a joy to watch. But the vast majority of people on the gram are just second-handers trying to accomplish a check list of the symptoms of being interesting and will never become anything of value.

The problem is not just that they say obnoxious things from time to time out of pure, unmitigated ignorance, but that their (alleged) lifestyle becomes coveted by influencable youngsters who want to be influencers themselves, and live to be seen before even developing a sense of worth. And then they become one of those adults who panic when they don’t get constant affirmation and offer themselves to be led by any dumbass who has too much confidence.

And the dream is  not even real. In reality, posting those images of self is extremely hard work that rarely pays for even its own upkeep.

#9 Less tourists

Even tourists hate tourists and people are already salivating at the photos that emerge from tourist hot spots, devoid of people that usually litter every photo you take on vacation.

The kneecapping of tourism is a disaster for a big part of the economy, but that’s not the topic of this post. The corona shock might be the thing that stopped the unstoppable growth of mindless tourism, city-breaks instead of proper holidays, getting drunk in another city for getting drunk in another city’s sake, and the menace of every civilized man: stag parties abroad.

If tourism gets a qualitative revamp as well as a quantitative shock this year, the clearing of frivolous and unnecessary travel should be it.


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