What’s left out of zombie apocalypse movies

A real pandemic is not as cinematic as movies would have you believe.

A major reason for this is that politicians’ need to act despite lack of information too great and so is their power hunger and hero’s syndrome. In the end, politics is way more threatening than any virus – but the story is played out over weeks and months, rather than an attention span-friendly two hours, so the power-grabbers benefit even from that.

Another reason is that – unlike a zombie movie – a real-life pandemic does not tell you the rules in the first 20 minutes. In a movie, you learn the rules of the game shortly after the beginning: 1) the virus is spread by touching, sex or long-distance phone calls. 2) The symptoms don’t show for X amount of time. 3) The first symptoms are obvious (i.e. the character’s eyes turn red or attacks you in a bid for brains) 4) You are safe under certain circumstances (e.g. behind a wall, during daylight, or with your space suit on) 5) There is an expert on the topic and he knows the rules and they are applied.

None of this is happening in real life.

Apart from the above there are a few things that never happen in zombie movies:

  • Politicians are not benevolent, savior father figures, hell-bent on saving lives but still just petty, campaigning, partisan hacks
  • They are completely ignorant about the virus
  • They are completely ignorant about the workings of the economy – yet rush in to micromanage its closure, demonstrating how little they know
  • Their people applaud them nonetheless. They react to the failures of micromanagement by demanding even more micromanagement and disregard evidence about their politicians’ ignorance because it is too scary to contemplate.
  • There is no America to lead the world against zombies.
  • The leader of America is a vengeful, petty, self-centered toddler, who throws tantrums at press conferences, pushing his own drug, defying reality, and flat-out refuses to even pretend to serve the public interest.
  • Politicians mistake herd immunity with herd illness and advocate the latter so we can all become zombies together. Why fight it?
  • The pandemic doesn’t conveniently start in NYC (or politically inarticulate Africa) but in an autocracy that makes it worse by its reaction: standard issue autocratic denial, secrecy and self-aggrandizing propaganda
  • First world politicians don’t know much about the pandemic (due to above mentioned autocracy) but rush to copy its autocratic reactions nonetheless
  • Some politicians and their followers flat-out refuse to believe the zombies exist
  • Some politicians and their followers become firm believers of suffering and support pointless, illogical and painful measures for suffering’s sake. It’s a religionist thinking residue.
  • Politicians are not really dealing with the pandemic, just keep pushing whatever agenda they had before (e.g. stealing their country blind, eliminating opposition, campaigning for reelection, etc.)…
  • …but they do everything with a pandemic excuse now
  • Some politicians feel it’s time to rid their countries of the useless members of society (i.e. those who don’t pay taxes for the politicians’ to steal and misspend)
  • Some politicians are not just reluctant to spend some of our taxes back on us – they flat-out refuse to do so even during the pandemic.
  • And people still believe them because admitting that politicians can’t or don’t want to help would make them feel even more helpless
  • Russia is spreading false information to gaslight the whole world, to disorient and to damage trust. Even porn sites turn into propaganda channels to reach people in quarantine, when they are most… well, open and alone to take in propaganda messages.
  • Anyone who is pro-reality feels even more helpless because masses get violently irrationalist at the propagandists’ bidding.




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