If you issue denials like this, you don’t need accusations

A suspected corona patient claimed that she had to use a trashcan for bathing in her hospital isolation room, according to

She was taken to hospital with corona suspicion and spend at least 4 days in isolation until her two tests came back. She was given an isolation room without bathroom. She only had a miniature portable potty for a toilet that was not emptied all weekend (neither was there any cleaning as is standard in hospitals).


Hospital bathroom: portable camping potty (left) and trashcan/bathtub (right) Image:

Meanwhile, the radiators were running at full capacity, in May, when the temperature was 28 degrees Celsius outside – making a cozy 47 degrees in the room. One can only imagine the smell – but I really don’t want to. The patient had to use the trashcan for washing herself because she only had a hand-washing sink with cold running water in the room. For four days.


The multi-faceted trash container (image:

This is how you clean yourself in it:

This is a video of the room – and how you have to open the window if you feel the heat doesn’t agree with the un-emptied porta-potty.

For those familiar with the state of healthcare this is not news. (For those whose religion demands state-run healthcare, it is against their religion to believe it.) But this is generally not something to write about.

Or it wasn’t until the official denial came:

“The statement that anyone … should need to bathe in a trashcan, in cold water is false. Even rooms that have no bathrooms have running water and the opportunity to clean oneself. To protect the patients they even receive a personalisably disinfect-able wash bowl* next to the wash basin with running water.” 

…with a bin bag in them, apparently.

This is one of those moments when the denial confirms the accusation. Not that anyone here needed any more confirmation that the healthcare system is in dire condition.

* Apologies for the term personalisably disinfect-able wash bowl. But it really is a mangled word-monster designed to sound like something – when it really says wash bowl.

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