Some more context for Orbán’s 9th “national consultation” direct mail campaign 3/3

Pre-covid, this ninth wave of “national consultations” was meant to attack ask about gypsies and the legitimacy of courts – the two enemies Orbán pivoted to attack to prop up his crumbling support after the local election defeat in October 2019.

But then the pandemic came, and with it a new and limitless excuse to clamp down on anyone and anything. Populists are nothing if not adaptive and opportunistic.

And you wouldn’t guess: this is also George Soros’ fault.

What his fault? It is all part of his plan!

Here are the questions (in quotation marks)

with some context.

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The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected every economy in the world. Economic downturn in also expected in Hungary, even though to a lesser degree than in Western Europe. Some believe that in order to revive the Hungarian economy, the buying of Hungarian products and Hungarian services must be incentivized, and Hungarian tourism should be popularized.

Do you agree that the buying of domestic products and domestic services must be incentivized, and domestic tourism should be popularized? 

Orbán has been talking about the next economic crisis since the 2018 elections. He is promising every time he talks that it will come – and that it won’t be his fault. This questions’s message is thus just that: There is an economic crisis everywhere and it is not my fault.

I doubt it calms him though. He is convinced that the moment he can’t continue feeding his cronies, his “hinterland”, he will be in trouble. He said so many times. He even attempted to let his underlings understand – but they haven’t listened, if their behavior after the October 2019 local election defeat is anything to go by. (It is a hard and thankless job to be an autocrat. So maybe just don’t do it, folks!)

The protectionism is self-evident. Every country does it.


The global pandemic doesn’t just threaten our health but also our jobs. This is why the government decided to create as many jobs as the virus destroyed. Investment subsidies, education programs and tax reductions serve the purpose of protecting jobs. 

Do you think the government should keep the programs of protecting and creating jobs once the pandemic is over? 

Again, only Trump does self-aggrandizing more lamely – but then again, Trump is not a politician. Not that a politician is such a great thing, but Trump is not even that.

Orbán famously declared that he (single-handedly, of course) will “create as many jobs as the virus destroyed”.  When will the world learn that politicians should not create jobs? All they can do is pay out someone’s hard-earned money to someone else.

If you ever tried to run anything, you would know that nothing is as simple as it is commonly imagined. Just take a hotel. Just because a hotel sounds like a straightforward business (i.e. you imagine you know what they do and where their money comes from) it doesn’t mean that you will come up with all the secrets of the trade. And a government-run hotel would be the worst. As simple as it sound like, a new hotelier would be shocked by the most mundane details of the business, let alone customers’ requests, and even by the sheer difficulty of complying with the state. Same stands for a crony who gets government money to go spend on a hotel and hire people.

Because those who work facing towards the state have no time to face their customers. They are simply not a priority because that’s not where the big money comes from. But sure, let’s establish more state-subsidized activities. It would be cheaper to just pay those people salaries and not have them ruin stuff – but then we couldn’t gloat at them to work for their money like we did. Oh, the traps of being a right-wing asshole…


To handle the economic crisis following the coronavirus pandemic, George Soros came up with a new plan. In it he suggests that the member states of the European Union should take out huge loans (perpetual bonds), after which interest will have to be paid forever, through generations. According to experts it would push nations into debt slavery. 

Do you reject George Soros’ plan that would push our homeland into debt for an incomprehensibly long time? 

You didn’t seriously think that Soros’ name would not come up, did you?

Again, the “corona-caused economic crisis” is hammered in before they get to the point: the new Soros protocol wants to push our homeland into debt slavery for generations. (About the old Soros protocol – as envisioned by Orbán’s spin doctors – you can read here, or just wait because that will come up here as well soon.) The wording of this question is probably the lowliest (and the competition is fierce). Everything that was wrong with the 20th century and what rulers allowed themselves is right here in this sentence.


Many companies went nearly bankrupt due to the pandemic-caused economic crisis. There is a danger that international financial speculators would try to exploit this to get hold of Hungarian strategic companies. 

What do you think? Should Hungary protect Hungarian companies from foreign hostile takeover? 

Is there a single government in the world that is not taking advantage of this situation to bend more of the economy to its will and into dependence from politicians? OK, maybe Angela Merkel or Jacinda Ardern don’t get ideas, but the rest of them worked all their lives to bend the economy to their will, to issue orders and to make everyone jump as they whistle – so why would they practice any self-restraint when it comes to economic protectionism with such an airtight excuse?

My favorite irony is how simplistic, anti-business lefties also fall for this argument every single time. “Do you want me to give more of the taxpayers’ money to my buddies? You do? Great!”

These measures are the definition of corruption. No matter how much companies need to be “rescued”, politicians not taking advantage of it is unheard of. And of course, those businessmen will also enjoy the continuous flow of bonuses, thanks to taxpayer largess. And cronies will beat yet another path to the treasury to cart out the cash. Ours, for instance, don’t even bother to keep jobs while they swallow the government’s money. One of them won as much with corona-crisis excuse as the rest of the economy combined – and still fired employees by the hundreds.


According to the ruling of the European Court of Justice it is against the law to make illegal immigrants wait in the transit zones on the Hungarian border. According to the decision migrants must be let into the country’s territory even in danger of an epidemic. This ruling coincides with George Soros’ old plan about migration that says that one million immigrants must be allowed into Europe every year, no matter what. 

Do you agree that the government should continue stepping up against immigration and maintain the strict defense of the Hungarian borders? 

As I promised, the Soros-plan is back before you would sink into deep despair for not remembering what you should hate/fear George Soros for.

It accompanies the accusation that the ECJ are Soros-mercenaries (just as the whole of Eu and everyone who disagrees with Orbán is). They even want to force us to let migrants penetrate us when they are sick and disease-ridden. (Besides, didn’t the years and years of propaganda taught you that migrants are disease-ridden? It did. And now look at covid-19! Ha!)

And the evil Soros protocol that demands that “one million immigrants must be allowed into Europe every year, no matter what”. The wording is breathtaking here.

And it will be popular. Borders became highly popular lately, especially in the more alarmed parts of society.

And finally, the last “question” – the question that EC commissioner Vera Jourova called fake news…


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