The “national consultation” “question” the EU called fake news

After an annotated list of Orbán’s ninth direct mail campaign “questions” informing us whom to hate and whom to blame for corona, here is the much-awaited last “question”, the 13th “question”, the question that EC commissioner Vera Jourova called fake news.


Brussels is preparing to attack the Hungarian constitution’s rules regarding immigration. They want to force us to overturn the rules of our Basic Law banning migration. 

Do you agree that the Hungarian government should persevere in its defense of the ban on immigration, even at the cost of open conflict with Brussels? “

For those who still believe that Orbán’s costly “national consultation” questions are actually questions, here is a quick fact: they are not. They are what the spin doctors want you to think feel – and as such they are often preceded by statements and high claims. Such as this one.

Notice that these campaigns, even the ones attacking the EU, always call out “Brussels”, never the “EU” or “Europe”. It is because those things are stubbornly popular even among Orbán’s believers.

But it wasn’t Orbán if he didn’t use this opportunity to demand more support to let his personal self-interest go wild and attack “Brussels”, even at our expense.

The accusation that “Brussels” wants to change Orbán’s precious Basic Law, the former constitution sans constitutionalism, is strong indeed. Must be the reason they didn’t volunteer a translation, not even a misleading one as it is customary with these things.

Last time such a direct mail campaign lied to Hungarians about the EU, “Brussels” reacted with this (highly effective) pdf, correcting 7 false statements. I expect a similarly forceful denial this time. Orbán will launch a forest of billboards, social media and traditional ads across his massive media empire. Let us see who wins!



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