Real existing Orbánism

Can someone please explain to me what these things are doing in school textbooks?

These two examples come from elementary school textbooks and making the rounds on social media – one more inexplicable than the next.


The first example is for 14-year-olds. 

b) Discuss these statements regarding refugees!
Which ones are based on prejudice? Color them blue!
Which ones have real causes? Color them yellow!

  • They take away our jobs.
  • It is our moral duty to help our fellow humans who are in the most exposed situation. 
  • Europe should belong to Europeans!
  • They will live criminal lives.
  • They are spreading diseases. 
  • They come here because here they don’t have to work. 

The governing Fidesz has made sure to effectively re-nationalize the textbook market, squeezing out every alternative school textbook and rewriting textbooks to spread their world view. Naturally, in these textbooks girls are stupid to math and generally better suited to service functions in life, while boys are aggressive science geniuses. 

Perhaps that’s the reason why the following picture made it into their textbooks. This is the recipe for a Molotov-cocktail. 


This is the new normal. And if you wonder whether kids actually internalize this, read how it affects them.

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