2020 - Not 1920

So we are at the point of burning books

A female politician of the Our Homeland Movement, an even-more-nationalistic breakout faction of Jobbik, has publicly shredded a children’s book.

A bunny with three ears but still accepted. Heroes who were adopted, came from desperate poverty or who are gypsies – and still heroes. A character who breaks out of an abusive marriage through a divorce (‘Panna goes to live’). A girl hero slaying the dragon. A gay prince whose marriage to another prince benefits both lands. A heroine who doesn’t want to get married. Enslaving people is bad. Even old people are people. Truly upsetting notions, indeed. Just not for any sane person who isn’t a politician hell bent on destroying anything anyone to get on power.

I haven’t read the story book ‘The land of tales belongs to everyone‘ because 1) it is for children and 2) because it hasn’t even been published yet. What I have read, however, is that it was already burnt by the extremists for its inclusivity and letting gay and handicapped characters off easily and with a happy ending. Actually, it was shredded, to be accurate.

A female politician of the Our Homeland Movement, an even-more-nationalistic breakout faction of Jobbik, has publicly shredded the children’s book for being “homosexualist propaganda”. The book deserved her righteous ire with its inclusivity and portraying characters that are not like her husband as normal. Let me guess – it will make our children grow third ears and want to divorce when abused in a marriage.

For now, it had turned out well. The book was catapulted to the top of sales charts and gained an audience it would never have otherwise.

But does it end here? Is there a stable low point of political bullyism? Will the children mired in her righteous hate just chant obscenities at people that are pointed out to them, or will they eventually launch physical attacks? Did the kids get the memo that we just talk but don’t act?

Actually the memo that should say “we only attack books” doesn’t say that at all. It actually says the opposite. That we should act, not just talk. What message does a public book shredding by a person in the position of authority send – because you can bet that was the point. Is the nazi cancel culture any different than it was in the 1920s? What will happen to the people who wrote the book? What will happen to the designated targets of these uninhibited, reckless politicians?

When attacks happen and blood is shed, these politicians should not cover themselves with the excuse “I was just talking, they were just words”. Wondering out loud why different people are even allowed to live, telling and writing incessantly that they should not even exist and we should triumph over them is not just words. From a kindergartener, maybe. But from a power-thirsty authority figure who built his political following on the basis of turning people against people, it is action.

So now you will understand why kindergarteners and schoolchildren have become vicious enforcers of nazi non-values in this country and see the story behind the data.

Featured image: 24.hu

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