The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

“This newsroom does not support the opposition”

Before the meeting they collected all the cellphones, but there must have been a bit of a journalistic professionalism left in someone and he started recording anyway. And let’s face it, it is not difficult to find recording apparatus in a newsroom.

It wasn’t just any newsroom. It was the public television, generously funded by the hapless taxpayers with 300 million euros a year (that’s 100 billion forints) to support Fidesz, apparently. No one who had ever seen a minute of the public broadcaster’s program is surprised by the following revelation.

Radiod Free Europe published a leaked recording of an internal meeting at the public broadcaster, openly telling journalists to start writing Fidesz propaganda or be fired.

It took place in 2019, before the EP elections. The boss actually told them to stop playing pure and no one can stay out of it anymore. They can’t get away with filler pieces anymore, everyone picks up a pile and flings it. And that is when the sentence was spoken:

This newsroom does not support the opposition and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to work here.

This is how the state media got to the point where it failed to report about the results of the US presidential elections because Orbán didn’t like it, but keeps talking about election fraud, coup and chaos in the US. As a paper published based on a leak, they were under strict command “not to announce a winner”.

Those who spent the last decade demanding proof that the Orbanized media is Orbanized – here it is, but they will keep demanding evidence anyway.

Naturally, someone reported the case to the police but it is unlikely to trigger an investigation.

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