Hungarian News in English

There aren’t many news sources about Hungary left. Here are the last ones in English.

News sites

Telex in English 

If you want to f*ck with Orbán, donate to

This is the new site of the resigned journalists of Hungary’s once biggest and most prestigious news site. When Orbánists took over their site, they resigned en masse and founded in a month – with 100% reader donations.

The site promised the impossible, to provide comprehensive 24/7 coverage of everything in Hungary. In the second month of its existence is already delivering on that promise. 

Insight Hungary

The English-language blog of, one of the last independent news sites, fills a huge hole where news on Hungary should be. Their newsletter is also highly recommended. 

Investigative sites

The journalists with the biggest balls out there, Átlátszó and Direkt36 is going where no one else dares to go anymore, uncovering and documenting enough corruption cases that could keep prosecution busy for the next decade. 



Financial News

Subscription-only service if you ever need one. 

With Google Translate

If you need daily news, you must either learn Hungarian or use Google Translate. Sadly, the latter is not a solid option. Google uses us to train their algorithm – but only 10 million on the planet speak Hungarian (considerably less than, say, French) and many of us don’t bother to work for Google by correcting it. 

But if you still put your trust in it, visit these sites:




Magyar Hang

Blogs on Hungary 

Hungarian Spectrum

With daily updates and thorough research on her topics, former Yale professor, Eva Balogh provides an insightful take on Hungarian affairs. 

UPDATE: Éva Balogh passed away on 30 November 2021 and the blog is discontinued. 

Hungarian Free Press

With an eclectic choice of topic, HFP mostly caters to Hungarians in America, with topics picked accordingly. 

There are plenty of flashy, richly promoted, SEO-optimized sites out there promising all you can read about Hungary. Sadly, however, these sites tend to be government-run, or crony-operated. Generic (and SEO-friendly) names including “News”, “Hungary”, “Daily”, etc. are a dead giveaway. Also, everything with “WeLove” in the title is also not independent. 

You can also follow the “Hungary” tags of Bloomberg, FT, Reuters, Die Zeit, The Economist, etc., but foreign sites have a particular choice of topics they follow and that is not always the most relevant. 

The list keeps updating.

4 thoughts on “Hungarian News in English

  1. I’d remove from this list. their lack of criticism of the Orban government strikes me, as does their borderline lap-dancing to the Hungarian Central Bank (both in organic and in paid-for articles, which have been frequent). I also fail to use them as a news site. every time I read an article, I finish it only to realize I learned nothing new…

    by the way, what do you think of Balkan Insight?

    Liked by 1 person

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