Real existing Orbánism / This is now normal...

“We don’t think about the criminal law. We don’t report each other.”

Before his infamous local election defeat in October 2019, Orbán was trying to remind his soldiers that unquestioning loyalism is only really needed when there is something criminal or wrong to conceal. No one needs to invoke loyalism when he is right or honest – people would support him anyway.

He called it the 11th commandment.

Orbán said that the reason he is winning and his opposition is on their knees is that the opposition keep calling out each other when someone is wrong or criminal – while a really successful political gang doesn’t break rank and commit amateurisms like reporting each other to the police or the media.

Today, one of his soldiers illustrated this law in practice.

When trying to say something edgy about Szájer’s infamous rain gutter escape from a lockdown-breaking chemsex party in Brussels, Zsolt Bayer, Orbán’s most vicious propagandist relayed a story about an old comrade of his who had once confessed to be gay during a 12-hour road trip. It only took two years for the above mentioned gay comrade to graduate to pedophilia and he allegedly confessed that he visits Thailand for that purpose. Or that is what Bayer claimed.

But in his urge to push Fidesz’ homophobic agenda that conflates homosexuality with pedophilia he accidentally admitted failing to report a pedophile.

When approached by journalists to please specify whether he was talking about Szájer, he quickly denied and another Orbánist website accused someone else instead, a non-Orbánist journalist who denied the accusations. A number of opposition politicians also reported him for failing to report a pedophile to the authorities.

Later that day, Bayer felt the need to explain it further and published a blog post explaining why no one in Fidesz would ever consider reporting another person “on our political side” to the authorities for criminal activities. In doing so he echoed Orbán’s 2019 words:

“There is an explanation for that but as multiple opposition portals have said it: I have no such obligation in this case, so no matter how much they want to, they can’t drag me down for this. But the truth is more complicated. And it begins with the fact that we, on this 〈political〉 side, don’t look at the penal code in such cases, and don’t make decisions based on that. Reporting each other is not even an option. When my former friend and fellow warrior (whom I did not name) talked to me about these things, it was like a confession to me. With more pathos: a confession of a friend. Which is sacred and not to be abused, never, under any circumstances. But I go further: on this side we don’t abuse such trust and confessions, not even when the friendship is over, and life drifts us to the opposite sides of the political division.” 

So I guess they keep the kompromat even on enemies – but that’s not a blackmail tool, but an expression of beautiful friendship.

And the criminal code is for non-gang-members, okay?

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