This is now normal...

I think it’s a pattern

Just take December 2020.

The month started with the political appointee at the helm of Petőfi Literary Museum publishing a combative editorial calling George Soros the “liberal Führer” whose “liber-aryan followers worship him more subserviently than Hitler’s did Hitler”. He called Europe “George Soros’ gas chamber”.

It was an extraordinarily distasteful piece – but the tone is nothing unusual in the inner circles of Real Existing Orbánism. We hear this shit a lot. Naturally, the guy who wrote this was not fired. If you get into a scandal and he opposition demands your head, your position is more secure than ever under Orbánism. Punishing an idiot is less important than showing the plebs that their efforts will never bring any result, so stop trying. Orbán will never remove someone who is under attack by the opposition – and Demeter knew that. Everyone immediately assumed he was just about to lose his job and made the scandal just to keep it.

But let us move on to Tamás Deutsch, Fidesz’ EPP who likened the criticism of Manfred Weber, his fellow EPPian, to the methods of the Gestapo and the ÁVÓ, the Hungarian communist secret police. And now he is shocked that the EPP is going to discuss his suspension. (For the nth time.)

On the 10th of December, Orbán managed to call his showdown with the EU his “D-day”, and then called the room full of fellow EU leaders the “wolf’s lair” – referring to Adolf Hitler’s WW2 bunker on the Eastern Front. The “wolf’s lair” was even the title of his IG story.

And it was just the first couple of days of December.

And I cannot not think about the 2012 Russian propaganda movie, White Tiger. It starts with 90 minutes of (surprisingly engaging) tank chasing scenes – but in the last few minutes it turns into the most breathtakingly lunatic Putinist propaganda.

First, the captured German generals are moved to tears from the Soviet hospitality – one of them tasted strawberries for the first time in Soviet captivity. The Soviets are generous, well-fed, righteous, and since they are fighting evil – they are totally on the side of angels. But that must be expected, that wouldn’t make me call it breathtakingly lunatic. The lunacy comes in the last scene.

In which they show the ageing Hitler, who apparently survived the war and is looking at the European Union as the completion of his Third Reich plan. He just did what everyone in Europe wanted and will always want: kill Jews and attack Russia.

Just in case someone would miss the more subtle hints.

(There seem to be differences between the version rolled out in cinemas and the version available on YouTube, but according to their reactions, the YouTube commenters are enthralled by Hitler’s last scene. They call it deep and enlightening.)

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