The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

Deutsche Welle starts Hungarian language service

After the US has restarted Radio Free Europe’s Hungarian language edition, the German Deutsche Welle also announced to launch Hungarian news services, quoting concerns about media pluralism in the country.

By 2021 it is easier to list the remaining independent media outlets than those that had been bought up or shut down by Orbánists. There is one commercial TV channel owned by German RTL (Orbán has long yearned to buy it just as he had a major news portal bought from Deutsche Telekom, but there seems to be a limit to how far German corporations go to support Orbán), three smaller news sites (after Orbánists took over the single most important domain, in summer 2020), a few barely read print papers struggling for a lifeline, and I almost wrote there is one last non-Orbánist radio channel, but that was shut down last week. Sorry, old habit. They die faster and faster these days.

The reach of non-propaganda information is very limited these days – and they are all in the crosshairs, there is no end to it. Even the so-called “regulation” of Facebook that was promised for the spring will be about entrenching Orbán’s supremacy on the social network – not about helping journalism withstand the parasitic behavior of Facebook.

In 2020, the US has restarted the Hungarian news service of Radio Free Europe (a news site) in the most painful reminder yet that Orbánism is back to the pre-1989 autocracy, only with a nationalist sauce. And today it has been announced that Deutsche Welle, Germany’s public broadcaster launches a Hungarian-language edition.

The French are not culturally embedded in Hungary and the Russians don’t need to open a Hungarian language service of RT or Sputnik because Orbánist media outlets and the public broadcaster willingly broadcast their spin anyway.

It took ten years of Orbánist anti-imperialistic war but I finally feel like we’re living in a colony.

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