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Of course the new pedophile law is really a homophobic law

An autocrat against pedophilia doesn’t make sense.

An autocrat using pedophilia to attack homosexuals does.

The new pedophile law has been announced with much righteous saber-rattling from Orbánists and other political Christianists. The usual bile was spit up everywhere in their media – including talk about a public pedophile registry.

A well-meaning first worlder may at that point warn against the possible issues with such a registry. And why wouldn’t he? Even the independent Hungarian media has pounced on that chew toy and dutifully played with it. They even went as far as to speculate that a busted pedophilic Fidesz ambassador was the trigger that inspired the law. But that made no sense whatsoever.

Orbán may dislike pedophiles in his ranks but it is also his very strong policy that a loyalist must not be removed if he is attacked by the opposition. That would just make the opposition bolder. And the aforementioned ambassador was attacked in the media, especially since he was secretly smuggled back to Hungary to avoid charges abroad – then he was given a slap on the wrist cash fine (1400 euros for 19 thousand pornographic images of minors) and a suspended prison sentence. Which he had the cheek to appeal.

There was also another ambassador who was called back from Thailand and fired. No charges there but anonymous sources claimed that the inappropriate conduct he was fired for is “the same what people go to Thailand for”. Oh, ambassadors. Our country’s pride and joy.

Some parts of the media were speculating that these two assholes inspired the pedophile crackdown – but that simply didn’t fit the timeline, nor did it fit into the profile of Orbán.

But now it all makes sense.

The proposed “anti-pedophile” law is really just an anti-LGBT law. It proposes to ban telling under-18s about the existence of homosexuality. Pardon, “promoting” homosexuality as they put it. Their justification is that children supposedly learn to align with the gender roles dictated by their biological sex in kindergarten so if only they would never hear about homosexuals, they would go on to mate, to depend, and to produce big families for the glory of the leader.

And if the anti-pedophile law is really an anti-LGBT law, the proposed “pedophile” registry will also contain names offenders who “promoted” homosexuality, rather than actual pedophiles. This law targets civilians giving sex education, and maybe even covers homosexuals, who “provoke the mainstream society by not hiding at home” – to use Orbán’s words – so it stands to reason that they will also list those, instead of pedophiles.

Remember that 2019 Coke ad showing a same sex couple holding hands that only lived one day because of political outrage? That may get on the registry of offenders. I wonder if they will ever catch a single child molester.

Coca-Cola fined for showing homosexual couples on ads and “damaging the moral development of young people”

So will that book of tales the nazis duly burnt.

So we are at the point of burning books

After all, Orbán also had a high-ranking loyalist, MEP and the literal author of Hungary’s homophobic constitution caught escaping a drugged, gay orgy through the rain pipes in Brussels with ex in his backpack and that didn’t cool down the regime’s homophobic rhetoric.

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