2020 - Not 1920

Homophobes want you to discuss nature vs. nurture, but they have already occupied both points of view

Even if homosexuality was a choice, it would be no one’s business what others are choosing.

The newly passed Hungarian homophobic law bans the “portrayal and the promotion of gender identity different from sex at birth, the change of sex and homosexuality” aimed at people under 18. And lists the offenders as pedophiles.

The passing of the law was timed to distract from other bills that passed today – they elected a new constitutional court judge, they continued the Fudan project, and they gifted world heritage properties to the cronies who were previously allowed to rent them. Indeed, today’s avalanche of 2/3 laws was so important to the ruling Fidesz that they borrowed one of their MPs back from the court where he was to appear to face corruption charges, because he was the 133th vote formally to secure the 2/3.

But sure, let us pounce on the chew toy Orbán threw us and discuss the actually damaging and disastrous political Christianism of the anti-LGBT law. It does conflate pedophilia with homosexuality and it does criminalize even “the portrayal” of homosexuality for under-18s. One has to wonder if being gay is still somehow legal – or it can get you on the pedophile list if you accidentally let it slip in the presence of a minor. And of course, the law is riffing on the tired old theme of nature vs nurture vis-à-vis homosexuality.

The law contains the justification that children supposedly learn to align with the gender roles dictated by their biological sex in kindergarten, so they must not hear about the existence of homosexualism, lest they will align with that instead. Just like that!

Curious thing, Mother Nature. She allegedly compels us to adhere to sex-based gender roles, but she also needs the bigots to enforce it.

Because if you believe that someone’s birth sex really compels them to have a certain personality by nature, to desire certain things, to behave in a certain way, to prefer a certain color, to choose chocolate ice cream over strawberry and the chase scene over the love scene in a movie, how can you also believe that all this can be taken away by nurture? How can the alleged destiny of the birth sex be overwritten if a child learns that some people are not like that?

If you fall into the trap of engaging in a discussion based on logic, you will find that the bigots already occupy both standpoints in the nature vs nurture debate vis-à-vis homosexuality:

  1. According to them biological sex is fate and it compels the individual to be male or female and adopt the assigned personality, desires, attitudes and even prefer the assigned colors. (Clearly, this gender profiling wet too far.)
  2. But even though biology compels the individual, peer pressure is still needed to make sure the unavoidable biological fate is not avoided.

You can’t win this argument with them.

I never understood why nature needs a helping hand from aggressive bigots to do its compelling work on us. But then again, it is not to be understood, it is an emotional argument based in fear.

I hear desperate activists arguing endlessly that no, homosexuality is not just chosen by frivolous children who weren’t sufficiently disciplined and went over to the dark side. That it is nature, you can not decide it even if you see a same sex couple holding hands on the street.

But activists miss the point. It is not about logic and reality. It is about exhausting them by wasting their scarce resources on public education, while the bigots can lean back and enjoy that they have set our agenda again.

And the entire nature vs nurture debate is a distraction from the real issue: 

Even if it’s a choice, it is no one’s business what others are choosing. That is the real issue here, that society doesn’t have a right to decide for individuals what is love. Not if it’s nature – not if it’s nurture. 

And of course, don’t look at the highway concessions and Fudan.

As the result of the law, movies like Bridget Jones will have to be relegated to the late night, horror-only time slot on television and Harry Potter will have to be labelled homosexual propaganda. Yes, stories that are told shape us. Our Hungarian folk tales and our cherished childhood cartoon national heritage also teach us a few odd lessons about life. I invite you to guess the story folk tale in which these scenes are presented.

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