Corruption is a feature, not a bug

3+1 laws that quietly passed in the shadow of the anti-LGBT law

While all attention was on the homophobic law, a few other, concerning pieces have passed hidden in the avalanche of 2/3 legislations yesterday.

The homophobic law has been in the making for months. But when Orbán wants something, it usually passes overnight. So why did he time the predictably outrage-inducing piece of distraction for this particular day?

The answer will be hidden under the avalanche of miscellaneous laws that have also been voted on yesterday. No one has time to read everything they vote in (including the MPs who vote), but the media picked up three other items that were up for a 2/3 vote:

  • A new constitutional court judge
  • Created the Fudan Hungary Egyetem Alapítvány, an asset management foundation that is a mule of a legal entity to facilitate the siphoning off of public funds, and gifted the land of the student city to the newly created foundation. It also made the project a national priority project – exempting it from various limitations, like a referendum. It proves that Orbán never planned to retreat on building the Chinese communist party a university in Budapest on Hungarian public money – despite the protests and the promises that a referendum will be allowed on it next year.
  • Allowed the cronies who rent prime properties in the Castle district of Budapest to buy them from the impoverished local authorities for 10-20% of market value. Nothing must remain in the state coffers by the next elections.
  • +1: They have also nationalized the last three private fertility clinics (including the embryos stored there!!!) so that only state institutions can provide IVF from next year. It hits two birds with one stone (and neither one is making fertility treatments better or more available): it makes sure no same sex couple can accidentally put their illegal hands on a child and it allows a few selected cronies to get rich on fertility-related public procurements.

And why I don’t think the homophobic law was not even Orbán’s priority yesterday?

One of Orbán’s slavish MPs had to be borrowed from court (where he faces multiple corruption and racketeering charges) yesterday to make sure the 2/3 laws shall pass. But the homophobic law didn’t require his vote as Jobbik (a far-right opposition party) has announced earlier that they will vote with Orbán on that one.

So whatever was so important for Orbán that he couldn’t wait and needed the bombastic distraction of the homophobic law, it was something else. Maybe not one of these three, but definitely something else.

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