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Conservatives, step away from other peoples’ public money

Tucker Carlson soaking up public money is one thing.

But Tucker Carlson pontificating against taking public money while taking public money is a new level entirely. Even for Republicans. 

While he is enjoying the Hungarian government’s five-star treatment of mutual ideological ball-licking, Tucker Carlson took the time to pontificate against taking Chinese money.


Does he know that his host is bending to China so hard that the country will suffer for it for centuries? Does he know that Orbán is working hard to import a Chinese mega-university that is controlled by the very same Chinese Communist Party he is bashing so passionately in this clip? Does he know that Orbán is even ready to pay for that university with Hun taxpayer money? Does he know that even the public radio was made to play Chinese folk music the day a Chinese apparatchik arrived to Hungary to placate him? Does Tucker know that the Hungarian radio has already taken Chinese money and takes Chinese orders since 2011

Maybe, but judged by the commenters of his page, Americans really have no clue, so it doesn’t matter. Tucker Carlson can conveniently forget about such negligible details and join in the shameful tradition of western useful idiots pulling the cart of eastern autocrats driven by their hatred for their own system and a misguided assumption that there must be a perfect place somewhere. 

And apparently, Tucker Carlson soaking up taxpayer money is fine as long as it is other countries’ taxpayer money. Because who does he think financed his little trip and paid his fees? 

Orbán’s international propaganda pitbull paid almost 300 thousand for 4 minutes on Carlson’s show in 2019. So an hour-long ass-licking documentary must have cost a pretty penny to the Hungarian taxpayer. 

Orbán can only give interviews to his sycophants. Every attempt to go out of his submissive comfort zone ended up as an unmitigated PR disaster.

Two cases of PR self-immolation that were perfectly avoidable

Clearly, he has deteriorated from his prime when he could still remember what narrative the west expected of him and lie accordingly. 

Carlson already took a measly 70 thousand dollars for his talk at a festival financed by Orbán’s public money black hole, MCC, where Denis Prager is also talking right now. (Plus five-star treatment for a week.) But it is unlikely to be the end of it because he delivered a lot more service. We will never know how much he received – not if Hungarian transparency is applied. But he might have to reveal it at home. 

Orbán maintains taxpayer funded fake think tanks and pays lobbyists to whitewash him abroad. MCC itself is loud and clear about attracting foreign conservatives with the lure of bottomless public money, giving out lush scholarships even to the least significant undergrads. One can only guess how much public money is paid to the heavy hitters like Carlson – and the long line of usefuls that came before him. 

Because, as we all know, once a useful idiot takes money for it – he is just useful. 

How To Be A Useful Idiot – The Practice

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