The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

What an actual conservative would ask Orbán on state healthcare, surveillance and recent red herring topics

The international media has a way of taking an acute interest in red herring topics that don’t really matter while leaving the core of the Orbán-problem untouched.

Like antisemitism, homophobia, migrant-bashing, LGBT-bashing and the hate campaigns against Brussels, Juncker and George Soros. These are literally the red herrings Orbán concocted to keep you distracted from his corruption, the building of his mafia state (state capture) and his submission to China and Putin. But if you insist on asking him again, and if you are a conservative, these questions should be for you.

State healthcare is a conservative no-no

  • Why is your country at the bottom of every European healthcare statistics?
  • Why is that not an issue at elections?
  • You spent 4+11 years in power, you are the definition of establishment in Hungary. In the last 11 years you had no limitations on your power thanks to your supermajority. If that is not enough time and power to sort out the problem of the decline of free, state-financed healthcare – what is?
  • When a law came into force that finally allowed private insurers to provide health insurance, they hesitated and did not jump on the opportunity because they thought the law must be mistaken. Your reputation in Hungary is that of an ardent opponent of private healthcare, you have actually scored your biggest referendum win and weakened the previous government by agitating against a measly 1 euro contribution for doctor’s visits. What does it say about your country that private insurers with massive legal firepower don’t dare to follow the letter of the law because they suspect that your political will overrides it?
  • The state healthcare system is still under-financed even in statistical comparison and shortage of healthcare workers have prompted you to enlist the remaining ones into a quasi-military status, not allowed to protest or talk to the media and subject to government surveillance in case they do. Thousands have not signed the new contract, making the labor shortage even more severe. You chose to do all this at the height of the pandemic. Do you think that your timing was tasteful?
  • Your proposed new “superhospitals” are also founded by businessmen who are either serial tender winners or who have come from other fields like logistics, underlining accusations of cronyism. A conservative would not leave room for such accusations. Indeed, political careers have been ended by such accusations.
  • What are your plans in healthcare?

Red herring topics, designed for your attention – and taking up 150% of interview time with Orbán. They should not. 

  • Has there ever been cancel culture in your country?
  • Has feminism ever existed – let alone gone too far? How far was it gone?
  • Have there been sex reassignment surgeries in your country before you chose to belligerently defend children from it?
  • You have built your communication exclusively on migration between 2015-18. Has there been a mass of refugees who wanted to settle in your country?
  • You claim to use only tools that can be found in other, respectable country’s examples. Which democracy has ever conducted years-long hate campaigns (supported by gigantic media and advertising spending out of taxpayer pockets) even outside election periods?
  • Fighting an enemy is not the same as governing a country. Arguably, wars are temporary, until we resume normalcy and start living again. When will your wars end?

Pedophile homosexuals and unlimited surveillance made legal

  • With the recent Pegasus-scandal, it has become widely known that Hungarian laws allow the legal surveillance of anyone, at any time, with any tools, without letting them know. You have enacted these laws. Do you think it is enough that a minister approves such conduct without any check on government power?
  • Why were journalists targeted?
  • Why is your pedophile law also discussing homosexuality? Don’t you find it a bit embarrassing that the conflation of homosexuality and pedophilia looks like a leaf from the textbook of the Russian propaganda factory?
    • Pieces of literature that have any mention of homosexuality in them have to be concealed and not sold within certain distance of churches in your country. Are you trying to protect the priests from bad influences? From homosexuality or from pedophilia?
    • Why is a homosexual couple in a commercial not suitable to be seen by minors?
    • Why are Fidesz politicians not going to jail if convicted of pedophilia? Why are they not on the proposed pedophile register?
  • Is it the state’s job to interfere in citizens’ private lives?

The Soros-hysteria

  • It is a tired cliché that you used to be a Soros-beneficiary – yet you are his sworn enemy today, calling people like your old self Soros-mercenaries. You have pushed out the prestigious and private university financed by Soros out of your country because of the ideological disagreements. Yet, you have repeatedly argued that it is the government’s job to conduct ideological education at universities, specifically to make young people more ethnically minded and traditionalist. It smacks of Soviet times though, only with a different ideology for the brainwashing. A conservative would argue that it is not the job of universities to teach people to lay down their lives to the socialist state – nor is it to teach them to lay down their lives to the nationalist state. Do you think it is the state’s job to conduct such ideological education and to eradicate private universities?
  • Is it acceptable in your opinion that a government should pick a private individual and buy thousands of billboards stoking hatred against him?

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