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Orbán’s campaign so far – in 33 pictures

All these pictures appeared on his all-important Facebook page.

There are a number of things that dominate Orbán’s reelection campaign. The most striking one is that he is truly campaigning this time, sparing no taxpayer money in either campaigning or election spending – while also preparing for his possible exit.

The other change is that he is advertising policy on his own, personal Facebook page, the most relevant campaigning platform in his media empire (assuming that its follower numbers are not artificially pumped with fake profiles). 

On September 4 he received a new logo and a new official color. 


The events have gained speed from then onwards – and the new visual theme will be apparent. (Blue-red-white-green for Orbán, grayscale fade-out for enemies.)

The enemies of his campaign are many – showing a sign of improvisation and unpreparedness that hasn’t been present since the early 2010s. But that theme has been retired into being just one of the numerous enemies we have today. It still has a lot of representation of Orbán’s Facebook, thanks to its renewed relevance. 


We are working so that it never happens again (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


We don’t let Brussels to replace missing children with migrants! (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


Migrants must be stopped! (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


We defend Europe’s borders! (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)

Enemy Nr. 2 – The former prime minister

…who is not even running at the elections. 

Also note the money-populism, the anti-corporation theme and and “profiteering” accusations. These are the things western conservatives simply don’t believe about Orbán because it wouldn’t fit into their narrative that Orbán is a conservative. 


Gyurcsány raised the price of energy 15 times. We defend the price control! Don’t let the Gyurcsány-era return! (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


Gyurcsány took the side of corporations and RAISED ENERGY PRICES into the sky. We ended the era of UNFETTERED PROFITEERING of the Gyurcsány-era by introducing price controls. (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


After 2002 Gyurcsány raised the price of gas and electricity five-fold. If he returns, cheap energy prices are over. (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


For the heirs of communists the ethnic idea and the countryside was never important. For us, on the other hand, the countryside is not the edge of the country but the center of it. We will settle the country’s debt to the countryside! (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


From January 2022 the minimal wage will be higher than the average wage was under Gyurcsány. he TOOK AWAY one month pension, he TOOK AWAY one month salary, he hit people with HIGH TAXES. (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


They lied morning, day and night. The SINISTER past wants to return. We don’t let it! (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)

We are admittedly very used to this kind of imagery – but the sinister nature of it is undeniable. Follow this for a decade and see if there is anyone around you who comes to the conclusion that other parties are the enemy and should not exist. 

Policy announcements on Orbán’s Facebook

Policy announcements are not preceded by public discourse or even parliamentary discussion these days. Orbán (or one of his designated ministers) simply announce them when they please and the parliament rubber stamps it the day after. Hanging on the radio to hear Orbán’s Friday morning radio sermons became a thing – like it used to be before WW2. Except now we also have his Facebook announcing his precious declarations in real-time, including the elements of his breathtaking election giveaway. 

To this he gives his face. 


WE DECIDED! The price of fuel can’t be higher than 480 forints. (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


The minimal wage is 200 thousand forints from January (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


In 2020 we raise the salaries of nurses by 21%, nursery workers by 20%, social workers by 20%, cultural workers by 20% (The text was posted with the remark “and we raise teachers’ wages by 10%”, as an afterthought)


We pay 80 thousand forints to every pensioner (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


The beam of our family policy: IF YOU HAVE A CHILD YOU MUST LIVE BETTER! (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


1. Having children must be financial advantage, not a disadvantage! 2. Families must be helped into properties of their own! 3. Family policy must be based on mothers! (birth mothers) 4. The whole country must become family friendly! 5. Children and the institution of family must be protected! (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


WE RETURN the personal 2021 income tax of parents. PARENTING small business owners receive a tax refund. There will be a PENSION BONUS and we rebuild the 13TH MONTH PENSION. Six months’ worth of weapon money will be paid. UNDER-25s don’t have to pay personal income tax. MINIMAL WAGE raised to 200 thousand. WE DEFEND family subsidies, pensions and low taxes. (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)

Apart from election spending and enemy-bashing Orbán also rubs himself to foreign dignitaries who still meet him (see Babis, Marine Le Pen and Mike Pence) and Orbán will use the Trumpist Republicans in his 2022 campaigns, maybe even hosts their CPAC in 2022. 



Orbán also rubs himself to other people’s success, like Olympians, politically approved actors and Katalin Karikó, inventor of mRNA technology. For some curious reason he also mourned Jean-Paul Belmondo. 


Source: Orbán’s Facebook

He also poses with the army a lot. It is not a usual image from a Hungarian leader, he got into this habit after February 2020

Finally, some assorted weirdness. 

Remember when Orbán kept saying that “we went until we hit the wall“, channeling the logic of a stereotypical bully who never stops pushing until he meets pushback (hence the futility of appeasement).  Now he keeps talking about going through the wall and used the imagery of his last mass rally to make his point. Unhinged, desperate or nothing to lose? 


“Together we go through even the thickest of walls!”


“We face, like David, the Goliath of Brussels” (Source: Orbán’s Facebook)


“Look at the one standing next to you. If you look into his eyes, you can see that you can count on him. He will do everything to make us go through even the thickest wall.”

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