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Fidesz VP to secret service: Opposition is the greatest threat to national security

The House speaker and Fidesz VP gave a speech to the heads of secret services (!) and told them that the opposition is “the greatest security risk that currently threatens the nation”.

The leaked speech took place a few months before they started using Pegasus on the aforementioned national security threats.

People tapped with Pegasus surveillance software by the government (so far)

The House speaker, László Kövér is a colorful character. He is allegedly The Fidesznik Who Does Not Steal and thus postures as the moral backbone of a party that does. He is also the caricature of the guy who believes his own lies. Or in his case, the lies of his own party’s propaganda. He was caught on camera reading the Party mouthpiece and highlighting his favorite parts, proving that he actually believes the breathless alarmism and globalist conspiracy theories his party is spewing, in this case an article titled “The Soros-project”.


He has said so many unacceptable things that it would take hours to list.

He called the opposition’s leader an “effective mental patient” and the government before Orbán’s “the system of treason” (he is very consistent in that regard). He gives speeches alerting the nation to the existence to “Satanic forces” that “attack our nation” and that multinational corporations want to manipulate us with devices planted inside our skulls. He said that so far, the human brain could only be manipulated by ideological means, i.e. from outside of the skull, but now humanity is entering an era when brain research and technological advancement makes it possible to manipulate, influence and lead,  according to the Orbánist national news agency. In unrelated news he armed the 400-strong National Guard stationed in the Parliament heavily with grenade launchers and sniper guns.

And that is just last month.

He regularly switches off the microphones of opposition politicians and fines them for saying unkind things about Orbán. Most recently he fined an opposition MP to the tune of roughly 10 years on the minimal wage for raising a flag mixing Fidesz’ logo with the Chinese flag. And that wasn’t the first such fine. The new House rules enable him to ban dissenting MPs for up to 60 days. (My question is only why they attend parliament at all. There is no chance to ever vote down Orbán’s will, nor to get a few words in against the government.)

The alleged anti-communist House speaker decorates Chinese Communist Party officials with Hungarian state medals and allegedly even wanted to side with Russia against Ukraine to protect Hungarian minorities there. (He has not much to say on how his master, Orbán, brought back in the Russians that they worked so hard in the 1980s to send back home). He called the opposition “not part of the Hungarian nation” countless of times. Here are a few more quotes from him up to 2016. There is a reason people are collecting them.

Global Sorosist conspiracies aside he also has terrible things to say about constitutionalism and democracy. Checks and balances on the executive power are bad, for instance, and a liberal plot to undermine us. Luckily, Orbán did away with them.

“The system of checks and balances, I don’t know what you’ve learned, is stupid, forget it. It has nothing to do with the rule of law, nor with democracy.”

— László Kövér
Vice president of Fidesz and Speaker of the Parliament, 23 October 2019

He said this before the students of Fidesz’ new, lavishly financed apparatchik university, the National University of Public Service.

“The problem is that some seriously believe that the government that was created by the democratic expression of the people’s will must be slowed down. They think that democracy is when they put a spoke in the wheels.”

“Checks and balances are stupid, forget it” – says speaker of parliament

His idea of “democracy” is blunt majoritarianism and the majority (ethnic Hungarians) stampeding on anyone else who might desecrate our sacred land with their presence. The idea that a government may have to be stopped only ever occurs to him when it is not Orbán’s. He is not alone in that regard.

He keeps telling women to “birth full” the Carpathian basin and to stop self-actualizing and “give us granddaughters” already. And those are his nicest remarks. He expressed his pity for female opposition politicians because being angry (at Orbán) ruins their attractiveness. He limited journalists into a two by two meter spot in Parliament, far from any MP that might be bothered by pesky questions.

Calling everyone a traitor who is not with Orbán, and that those people are not part of the Hungarian nation, is something Orbán started as early as 2002. He called his followers to monopolize the national flag before the elections and when he lost, he announced that “the nation can not be in opposition”. By nation he meant himself, of course, as all rulers do. (Making you wonder what the mean by the “good of the nation/public.) Every step down the road since 2002 has been small enough to dismiss Orbán’s critics as alarmists – yet here we are now. The opposition is under surveillance meant for terrorists and non-Orbán voters are regularly called traitors – even by the everyday Fidesz voter. The meme has achieved full penetration.

Kövér’s little views and rampant cruelty-signaling prove that he is more of a moral failure than a moral compass, and that his lofty goals are not so far of the goals of his arch enemies, the communists. His views that the opposition is the real enemy are classic communist (and nazi, any every other kind of dictatorship) tropes. And just like his much hated communists, he is also a collectivist, tribalist, autocratic politician whose party took an entire political system hostage and aims to eliminate dissent. The fact that he genuinely believes in ethnicism only makes it worse – but still no different than his communist comrades, who genuinely believed in communism. It must be his youth socialization because he was in fact a young communist before he joined the new party of young Orbán. He went from being a young democrat to becoming an old anti-democrat, just like his master did. His journey is that of his party.

In the end, the speech does not contain anything he hasn’t said out loud in public before. The bigger news is the fact that he was recorded in the heavily protected building of the national security and the recording was leaked to an investigative site, although it is difficult to tell what it means. The fact that he gave guidance to the national security leaders is incompatible with his position as house speaker. And why exactly he called them his “colleagues” is a creepy mystery.

The opposition has demanded his resignation – but nothing has political consequences while Orbán is in power. If anything, the guy will be promoted. And at any rate, he has said worse things, out in the public, countless times.

The Man Who Wasn’t There

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