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Orbán’s political appointees cemented until 2034

Even if the governing party loses in 2022, their political appointees remain in positions. They are unremovable by a simple majority – and some are not even legally removable by a 100% vote by parliament.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee created a helpful infographic about the 32 most important positions – and how long they would be occupied by an Orbán-appointee if he lost the elections in 2022.

It is separated according to legislative, executive and judiciary positions.

helsinki cementing Orbán appointees

  • The position of the leader of the State Audit Office will expire soon after the elections, it would not be surprising if he would “resign” before that and a new appointment could be made for an extra 12 years. But if the new government would only have a simple majority, he could still stay in office because his successor must also be voted in by a supermajority and he can stay until the new appointment is made. But if he is resigned, he would probably also get a new, cushy job elsewhere. This official has the power to even veto future budgets and thus force a new election at any point.
  • The new president – already named by Orbán – will also have some power to deny or obstruct the appointment of new people. She will have to claim the “serious destruction of the constitutional order” or some such extreme clauses, but … oh well. One has to learn to deal with inhibitions.
  • The most controversial political appointee is the chief prosecutor. He is appointed for 12 years, his mandate is not expiring any time soon but he turns 70 in 2025 and that is the upper age limit for the office. But he can remain in office until the new parliament votes for a successor with a 2/3 majority. They call his the lifetime appointment.
  • Elections will also be conducted by Orbán’s appointees until 2030.
  • Stuffing the constitutional court also had its advantages for Orbán. Even when three current Orbán-appointees retire in 2023, the majority will be untouched.

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