Orbánist Cancel Culture

Homophobic law: The pain is the point. And the distraction

The Hungarian Associations of Psychology and Psychiatry released an announcement that the new homophobic law is scientifically wrong and damaging to young people. It was a courageous stance, albeit futile. The government knows perfectly well that they are wrong. And the damage might be the point.

When the Pegasus scandal threatened to overtake public discourse and force a statement from the government Orbán turned to his tried and tested method: distraction. Out of the blue he announced the new homophobic law that is dubbed “child protection” law in government propaganda in Hungary and abroad.

But the law itself has little to do with actual pedophiles, it calls non-heterosexuals pedophiles. And whatever the impression is abroad about a law that has not been read but whose title is “protecting the children”, at home not even politicians bothered to pretend they have any problem with adults who sexually abuse children. They kept banging on about homosexuals and transsexuals and there will be a (legally unnecessary) referendum about the law together with the general elections in April asking loaded questions suggesting that the oft-mentioned “homosexual lobby” should be able to promote homosexuality in schools.

Orbán himself joined the army of propagandists stating in his all-important radio sermon that “there is a debate” whether homosexuality causes pedophilia. (There isn’t. It does not.) But his men and pro-men women are even more direct in their communication. The distraction machine is in high gear and no one is talking about the Pegasus scandal or even about the change in constitution that was voted on at the same time the pedophile law was voted on: that once public money is given away it is no longer anyone’s business. It was the legal closing accord of a billion euro public money giveaway into loyalist hands.

3+1 laws that quietly passed in the shadow of the anti-LGBT law

Distraction or not, the law does very real damage. We know have age limits on commercials lest one of them contains a scene like a father loading the dishwasher or a mother playing with the kids (called “non-traditional lifestyles”). Showing a same sex couple would be outrage.

We now have scores of people reporting anything rainbow-colored for being homosexual propaganda, including Joseph’s amazing Technicolor dream coat and the rainbow-colored toys in kindergarten. The majestic authorities spent weeks on taxpayer money deliberating whether The Lion King, Mulan, The Sleeping Beauty etc. undermine “traditional gender roles” and thus “contains homosexual propaganda” in Fidesz parlance.

Hysteria achieved full penetration as emboldened nazis allowed themselves to enter a building and try to break into an apartment because they spotted a rainbow flag in the window. Downtown Budapest, broad daylight. The homophobia wasn’t even an issue for the police but forcibly entering an apartment kinda still is. (Maybe gay panic is a mitigating factor though.) Homophobic slurs are common and the other day the nice little cashier lady in the grocery store asked me why I am not afraid of using a rainbow-colored bank card.

At long last the actual psychology and psychiatry professions have also agreed to release a shared statement, including the obvious, that the environment has nothing to do with the sexual orientation or gender identification of a person and hiding the existence of homosexuality from children does much pain and damage in those who don’t adhere to their assigned gender roles or sexual orientations.

The statement contains things like there is no statistical evidence that same-sex parents’ children would become homosexual at a higher rate than the population average. Or the fact that hiding the existence of homosexuality from children will only expose non-heterosexual teens to depression and suicide. It also says that the environment does not make someone gay or heterosexual.

The government begs to differ.

They do want to try using the environment to manipulate sexual orientation: by hiding the existence of homosexuality from young people, thereby they expect to turn homosexuals into obliging heterosexuals. The ones who survive adolescence without suicide, that is. They can just tough it out and act out a pretend-life.

It may cause immense pain, suffering and lasting psychological damage in people to even try to coerce them into heterosexuality, but that is really just the benevolent part of the political intent behind the law.

The calculation behind the law is much more sinister: war on a part of society to maintain war psychosis and the atmosphere of existential threat in the population. And of course distraction. 

As of the actual pedophiles, they roam free even if they get caught and convicted. And non-penetrative forms of pedophilia are even ignored socially.

Just look at the most recent example of a Budapest high school’s handling of a pedophile teacher.

The “anti pedophile” law in action

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