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The “anti pedophile” law in action

A high school teacher sent a dick pic to a 14-year-old. The schools demands to know who trapped the poor thing. The dick pic was fine.

If you ask any Hungarian who is not on an exclusive diet of Orbánist media about pedophilia, their first association will be two Fidesz politicians who have recently been busted for pedophilia, tried and convicted, yet who still roam free after a fine.

The idea of an actual pedophile register is controversial in the west – but it isn’t even an issue in Hungary’s supposedly anti-pedophile law. Orbánist politicians made it clear on every channel that by pedophile they mean homosexual and that the “LGBT lobby” wants to promote sex change operations to kindergarteners. There is no subtlety in their communication – although I’m sure they present it differently abroad.

As of actual pedophiles, the law is still very forgiving. And so is society.

An actual pedophile scandal broke yesterday. The music teacher of a Budapest high school has been sexually harassing the girls, leering at them, staring at them, following them home and talking to them in public for no reason, making them so uncomfortable that they didn’t dare to pick something up from a floor because they knew he was staring.

Two kids reported the teacher but they were put down. The harassment continued and as in any high school, everyone knew about it. Eventually two kids decided to take things into their own hands and catfished the teacher on Instagram. They said they were a 14-year-old girl and he even joked not to tell anyone “because I might get arrested for that”. Then he sent a dick pic. To what he thought was a 14-yo girl – but was in reality still teenage students.

The dick pic went viral in the school. And the school demanded to know who catfished the poor teaching force. They called a parent-teacher meeting where they demanded that the guilty students come forward – even though multiple parents signaled that their crime was perhaps not the point here as there is a pedophile in the faculty. But not all parents thought so and the victim blaming grew so rampant that 7 girls stood up and told the parents and the teachers how the teacher treated them. Some cried, some were angry.

The teacher was reluctantly dismissed (there is a massive shortage of teachers everywhere as it is the worst paid profession next to nurses) without any record of what he did at the school. He will be snapped up somewhere else as schools are hard pressured to hide the teacher shortage. The school is still demanding that the criminal students come forward and reported the crime to the police. The anonymous catfishing, not the known adult sending a dick pic to a 14-yo.

Parents tried to go through every level of authority above the school to argue that it is wrong, but the school is adamant. They feel offended. Two students were already removed from the school and sent elsewhere by their parents, but the problem might be systemic so they can only hope that the scandal of busting a pedophile will not follow them there.

Parents also tried to go to the police with the evidence that a teacher sent a dick pic to a 14-yo, but that is not evidence enough to investigate because nothing legally untoward happened. Neither the intention of sending the dick pic to a 14-yo, nor the reality of sending it to teens is a crime, apparently. Not even according to the new “child protection law” that is supposedly against pedophiles.

The exasperated parents reached out to the media after months of this sickening farce. Maybe the public can put some pressure on someone to do something. Maybe train the faculty that they should not send dick pics because of this new, PC witch hunt.

I have personal reasons not to see the above story as unique or unusual. My own high school experience includes pedophile teachers, and so does many of my friends who all knew who the creep was in their own high school.

One day a substitute math teacher arrived to the class. he was an antiquated member of the teaching force, one of the teacher couples who even married fellow teachers. He was short and spectacularly ugly. Rather than moving on with the lesson he went for the lazy way and decided to test someone. He called the prettiest girl with the most developed body to the blackboard and started grilling her about something. When she couldn’t answer she was publicly humiliated, being called too pretty to know math and at some point “you are such a wet little angel, aren’t you” referring to either her wet hair after gym or something else. She was brought to tears but that is not what upset us. Being humiliated by the teachers and authorities was usual and normal.

I was a habitual back bencher so I didn’t see what happened from up close. But according to people in the first rows the teacher gradually withdrew into the cover of the curtains and started to play with himself through his pocket while watching the girl. The next thing we know the boys from the first row threw their tables and pounced at the teacher. They escorted him out and into the principal’s office.

Due to the extraordinary lobby power of some of the parents in our class the boys were not punished. To his eternal credit even my father made the call, reluctantly, but only after I assured him that it would have been me, had I sat in the first row. The school was not trying to deny to him that the incident had happened, they just wanted to keep it low. When my father asked what happens to the boys, they said nothing and he said “that is right”.

When I told my mother about the incident she revealed that she was also sexually harassed by the same creep, in the same high school, 20+ years earlier. Back then he was more physically active, he was the pussy-grabbing type. That was also considered normal. What was not acceptable in her time was another teacher, who was new in town, and who turned out to be homosexual. When his fully grown up roommate turned out to be his (fully consenting) lover, he was dismissed and asked to leave town.

The old math creep fully got away with what he did to my mother and even what he did in our class. He was not allowed to teach our class after that, but he was allowed to teach until retirement.

UPDATE – After the story hit the media parents from another Budapest school came forward and said that the same teacher has done the very same thing in their school, but the parents and the students were intimidated and threatened with consequences if they make an official report. The teacher was dismissed without a note on his files or references, and went on to teach elsewhere.

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