Orbánist Cancel Culture

Gay panic over a salt and pepper shaker

After he was ridiculed for seeing gayness into a foodie show the offended Orbánist snowflake doubled down.

It is not unusual to see gayness into things that have nothing to do with it. Once offence-seeking becomes a profitable pursuit and a way to signal to our own, people left and right will be quick to refine their offence-seeking senses – much like truffle hogs in pursuit of reward.

Things like that happen all the time and snowflakes are on both sides of the ideological divide. Stale, right-wing ideologues can even perform it online. Others find offence in old-fashioned ways, like attending theatre.

Things that trigger anti-snowflakes

Gay panic at ‘Death in Venice’

Parents eager to signal can get offended at the sight of a rainbow-colored kindergarten fence and the cashier lady can worriedly wonder if I should really be using a rainbow-colored credit card as it is not safe. TV viewers can now report gay-suspicious films and commercials (and they do) and it can mean as little as a commercial showing a husband loading a washing machine or taking care of his children, loosening the sacred gender prerogatives that are the cornerstone of past comforts for some.

But the theatre is always suspicious. Orbánism has just finished taking over theatres, starving renegade ones and throwing uncounted money on the ones spouting nationalist propaganda and historicist ethnic mythology. And the few ones that are still putting on shows that are not about nationalism are the targets of Orbánist offence-seekers seeking to score points above by smelling out ideologically inappropriate content.

Last week a foodie show fell victim to the anti-LGBT zeal of an Orbánist local representative. Not that they were trying to bring up homosexuality. They were staging a show about our eating habits during the pandemic lockdowns and the show’s co-creator was one of the most known Hungarian food bloggers.

One particular costume particularly concerned the pure-gender Fidesznik. He posted about it immediately. It dared to display a half-bride half-groom ensemble. It was a salt-and-pepper shaker.

He also felt his straightness under full-on assault when a female actor wore fancy suit on top and only a boxer short below the waist – seemingly illustrating how we take our Zoom calls during lockdowns.

But our Fidesznik saw straight through it and he saw the gender-bending right away! Male underwear? What’s next? Pockets on women’s clothes? It’s a slippery slope a straight man can not allow!

I wonder what his complaint would have been if the actress who took the Zoom call wore female underwear instead. The show would have been sued for on-stage pornography.

Anyway, the offence-seeker was duly ridiculed by independent journalists who don’t feel their manhood under attack by the sight of a black-and-white ensemble. And that would have been it, your usual, run-of-the-mill LGBT witch hunt of 2022. But the Fidesznik didn’t stop there.

He officially proposed the theatre to be renamed Conchita Wurst (after the Eurovision-winner Austrian drag queen) because the building has been desecrated and can thus no longer wear the name of a solemn, ethnic Hungarian poet.

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