not satire

A normal Friday

I tried to put it into words but the Hungarian Onion beat me to it.

This is one of those moments when a satirical joke site can no longer beat reality. Yesterday it was reduced to simply documenting Orbánists’ shenanigans – as the events of the day had high satirical density on their own. 

Allow me to translate – and paraphrase with annotations. 

Let me summarize Friday: So while the currency is at a historic low and there is a nationwide fuel shortage due to the ill-conceived price cap, the Interpol-wanted CEO of the Hungarian national energy company commits panic mongering at the government press conference (showing up a photo – originally taken in Venezuela – of people loading fuel into plastic bags and alleging that it is happening in Hungary), right before Putin congratulates for the election of the new Hungarian president (first among world leaders, while he is waging a war in Ukraine). A president that was elected with the votes of three Orbánist MPs that are now charged with major corruption cases – yet still somehow in parliament because the prosecution doesn’t deem them a flight risk despite the tens of millions they allegedly pocketed through their schemes and one that was caught at the airport on his way to Dubai. Putin also cheerfully hoped that the new president will help develop the Hun-Russian friendship that was deemed not even a friendship on the very same day by the foreign minister who received from Putin the highest Russian state award that can go to a non-Russian three weeks ago, the so-called “For Friendship” award. Meanwhile Kremlin war propaganda is still running on Hungarian state media, which, similarly to the military, failed to notice a six-ton military drone, arriving from Ukraine and crossing the entire Hungarian air space before crashing in Croatia. 

A normal Friday. 

This came after Thursday when a Hungarian commercial bank that is owned by an Orbánist was found out to have loaned 10.6 million euros to Marine Le Pen in France (as a private individual? as a party? as a campaign gift?) while the Hungarian state refused to leave as a minority shareholder of the Russia-owned “spy bank” headquartered in a prime piece of real estate in Budapest and outside of Hungarian jurisdiction for all intents and purposes – yet inside the EU – while Russia is bombing a birthing hospital in Ukraine and its military leaders claim with a straight face that the US was developing biological weapons there that only target Russians and Orbán was posting his head off about his “peace diplomacy” in Europe to still keep buying Russian gas because that has always contained Putin in the past, every time he killed a dissenter or invaded a neighboring country … oh wait. 

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