Foreign ministry fully penetrated by Russian hackers

The government regarded cyber-defense as an obstacle to closer Russian-Hungarian ties.

Every government is under Russian cyber attack all the time – and they have always been. That is not news. But what happened to the Hungarian foreign ministry goes way beyond that.

It has been a cliché that western allies now routinely withhold information from Hungary because its secret services have been infiltrated by Russians – or information is leaking on purpose towards Russia, doesn’t matter. Either way, it was even said that this might have been the reason Orbán wasn’t aware of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and kept babbling about the impossibility thereof. The Americans routinely leave him out of the loop now.

According to the report of Direk36, an investigative site the Hungarian foreign ministry in particular has been hacked by Russian hackers, down to its core, to the confidential diplomatic messenger system. It has been taking place for nearly a decade now.

The article is long and there is nothing I could add, but the most shocking part is when they describe how the cyber defense team was trying to put an end to Russian infiltration, but they got shut down politically.

The spectacular pro-Russian turn of Orbán took place in 2014. At around the same time the cyber defense unit was making a fuss about the Russians. But they were ignored/fired. “According to one expert familiar to the events the Hungarian government started to regard cyber defense as the roadblock between closer Russian-Hungarian relations. The negative turn of events dated to the time of the announcement of the extension of Paks.” (The Russian nuclear power station to be built by Hungary.)

The Hungarian foreign minister has been decorated by the highest Russian state award (going to a foreigner) by his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, just days before the invasion. At that time he fully knew the Russians are deep inside his ministry’s communication channels. The award was called “For peace and friendship”.

he is not planning to resign – and why would he. This is about the hundredth incident someone would resign for in a free society, but they make a point of not even apologizing. Also, their voters will never hear of this scandal – just as they have never heard of a million other scandals.

Read the full story on telex.hu

A short history of Orbán & Putin

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