Election 2022

The day of invalid votes

The most hopeful development of the 2022 elections was the invalid homophobic referendum and the 1.5 million Hungarians who cast invalid votes to achieve that.

There were two kinds of invalid votes in abundance on the 3rd of April 2022.

  • One third of mail votes were deemed invalid (that’s around 120 thousand invalid votes – and 94% of the rest was for Orbán)
  • 1.5 million invalid votes for Orbán’s homophobic referendum to render the results invalid.

Whatever happened to mail votes we will never know. The opposition is too defeated to even go through the motions of demanding an investigation into the breathtaking proportion of invalid votes coming in from neighboring countries. Those votes were so mishandled, it defies belief and no one can really know what the local Fidesz activists and allies did to them – let alone whether those voters were even alive. How every third one of them failed to cast a valid votes is a mystery no one will investigate.

The other type of invalid vote is more hopeful. It restores trust in humanity. So many people cast invalid votes on Orbán’s homophobic referendum (put on the same day as the elections) that it was not valid in the end. It was the single most invalid votes cast at a referendum (over 20%) – even more than at the anti-migrant hatemongering faux-referendum in 2016. (But that wasn’t on the same day as the elections so only Orbán’s voters showed up.)

All is still lost because those questions were about a law that was already in place. And there weren’t really questions but loaded statements implying that someone is doing something bad to children – do you agree or not? It was called the “child protection” referendum and Orbán said “let’s protect our children” so many times during the campaign one must be very resistant not to believe him. He even run a “government information” campaign on it and you could not open YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. for weeks without someone fretting for “our children”.

But a few NGOs were campaigning for invalid votes and 1.5 million listened.

Many man hours were spent in voting booths, painstakingly drawing penises, rainbows, bearded men descending on drainage pipes and cats on their invalidated referendum sheets. Here are a few examples – just to remember it in the future.

*The drainage pipes were a reference to an influential homophobic Fidesz politician who was busted as homosexual by escaping a gay orgy during the Brussels lockdown naked, with a backpack full of synthetic love.

*The cats were a homage to an influential opposition figure who most suspiciously (and conveniently for Orbán and a few ministers) died 12 weeks before the elections.

People also often mentioned the name of busted Fidesz pedophiles – and the fact that no harm came to them in the country of “protecting the children”.

What was never mentioned is that we export hundreds of children for sex in western Europe due to the underfunded and destroyed foster system and zero attention paid to education. Domestic abuse is also part of our great traditions and not just against women (who cares about those, anyway).

The election committee was aghast and decided to fine the NGOs who campaigned for invalid votes on the referendum. Votes in a landfill don’t, but invalid votes desecrate the heart of our democracy.

A week after the referendum the public broadcaster and the official news agency have not mentioned that the referendum was invalid – only that Orbán won. So he won.

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